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Don't Marry a Man with Female Friends

Updated on October 8, 2014
Marriage should be between two people only, so don't marry a man with female friends!
Marriage should be between two people only, so don't marry a man with female friends!

If you don't want any possible complications or interruptions with other women in your marriage, at the very least don't marry a man with female friends.

While most men have enough consideration to stop hanging out with other women by the time they are serious with their mate, other men are oblivious to the fact that it is simply disrespectful to hang out with other females, even when they are about to get married.

It isn't rude that you expect your husband to not have female friends, it's simply a matter of him having respect for your relationship. After all, you don't hang out with male friends either. Men with female friends can cause all kinds of trouble for you. Here is a list of them.

  • Emotional Affairs. You don't want your husband leaning on a female friend when you two have arguments. Obviously two people who live together will have more arguments than two people who are simply friends. If your husband somehow views his female friend as being less complicated than you, without understanding the dynamics of marriage, then he might look to hang out with his female friend in times of marital strife.

  • Physical Affairs. Don't be na├»ve in thinking that friends can't be attracted to each other. Even if they aren't now, attraction can develop over time. You don't want the sanctity and trust of your marriage broken, and you also don't want an STD.

  • You don't want her in his ear. If you wanted your man to have some female input into your relationship, you would give it to him yourself, or he could go to his mother or sister. His female friends might lend advice that is less than favorable to you or could be destructive to your relationship.

  • The third wheel. The unwritten rule for married people is that they hang out with other married friends, people who are coupled-up, or family members. You even limit how much you spend solo time with friends of the same sex after you are married. It's simply because marriage is a bonding of two people, and other people become less of a focus. Married men with female friends simply shouldn't be married.

  • You will look like a permissive wife to others. Other people will gather that your husband is making you look foolish by making it alright him to have time with other women outside of your marriage.

  • Sparks of jealousy. Women are territorial with their mates and vice versa. This is simply nature. Having a solo female around simply creates distractions for you and possible bouts of envy that you don't need.

Final Notes

While most people tend to have friends of the opposite sex at some point in their lives, when you get into a serious relationship, it is time to put those friends on a backburner. This keeps many fears, complications, and jealousies at bay.

Most men and women realize this unwritten rule. If your partner's philosophies differ from yours on this issue and you feel it will cause problems for you as a couple, have a discussion about it. If your discussion cannot be resolved, then it is best to part ways. A man who needs other women around him besides you and his family members will not make a good husband.


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