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Please, Don't look for Angles

Updated on September 28, 2013
My best friend and his lovely wife. A relationship to watch and learn.
My best friend and his lovely wife. A relationship to watch and learn.

What to look for in a relationship.

What to look for in a partner for a life relationship: please stop looking for an Angel.

This is dedicated to my friend, Donnie Anya (UK based) and his wife, Urenna Lekweuwa (USA based).

Finding a life partner is not all that easy and that may explain why there is often disagreements in most relationship some of which end sadly.

It may not be so easy to find that Angel you are looking for because only few people have succeed to find someone they can truly can an angel. There are situations where people find someone, call the person an Angel because that was what they saw, and finally they fell in love with the hope to have a wonderful experience only for the “once known Angel” to change to something worst or equivalent to a devil. Then some of us out of frustration and great regret may decide to live with the devil for better or for worst till death do us apart. Maybe that is why people say, “The Devil you know is better than the Angel you do not know.” At least the saying is enough to encourage us and help us avoid the quest of finding another Angel who we do not really know.

Then how can we really find a partner that we can love at all time, someone that we can trust and call an Angel no matter what.

It is not an easy task but may be the only way to start is by looking for that person that understands us and is happy only when we are happy. That someone we can look at his or her face any time and smile because such sight brings joy to our heart even when we are sad. That someone who’s presence brings joy and healings to our heart. That someone we love even without any reason and we just do not know why we can’t stop falling in love over and over again.

These are the qualities to look for in a life relationship so there is no need to look for an Angel because we may never find one and even Angel can change as time has shown and maybe the fall of Angels started with the biblical fall of Satan.

Only those partners that succeeded in finding these qualities in each other can truly experience what it means to love and be loved and to live in happiness in an atmosphere surrounded by love.

Just as Donnie and Urenna did when they found each other and others can learn from them just as only few people have done.

Donnie Chidi Anya and Urenna Lekwuwa this is given to you as your daily dose in this journey which you have started.

Good luck strong friend!


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