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Drop that Loser Kickstarter Campaign

Updated on July 11, 2014

The Realest Book Series You'll Ever Read!

Sample Paragraphs from Book Series

Similar to a jealous female, Mr. Jealousy will become tricky with the way he spies on you. He’ll make little suggestions such as you two getting on the family cell-phone plan. If you’re going to a club with your friends, he’ll now have a way to track you. You’re laughing, but it’s really no laughing matter.

Can you imagine him popping up from behind the bathroom door at your favorite restaurant? What about sniffing your clothes or checking your underwear when your backs turned? If your mother should happen to call due to a family emergency at 2am, he’ll swear you planned for it to happen.

He won’t believe your brother is your brother, your cousin is your cousin, and he’ll also think that old man you call your father is nothing more than a sugar daddy. Is that something you could put up with? I didn’t think so ladies, so look for the signs.

Want to Read More?

Drop that Loser will be my very 1st book series dedicated to many young women in troubled relationships, and helping many women avoid troubled and life-threatening relationships. The sample above, it's from the Chapter in the book on "The Jealous Type." Throughout the entire book I introduce several types of men and the characteristics they share. I believe that when women see the signs they can make the right decisions.

The countdown has started for receiving funding to publish the book series. I am looking for investors in my project. Choosing the Kickstarter platform as a resource for possible funding, to me is an excellent idea. For Kickstarter projects, they're not funded if the campaigner doesn't reach the investment amount they've set. That is why I need your help, to get my book series into the hands of thousands of young women who might need it.

Sample Paragraphs from Book Series

One day a customer walks in, very handsome guy who starts to flirt with Tracy at the checkout counter. James notices that and he’s definitely not happy about it because he feels that Tracy is participating and loving it. Tracy wonders why James is ignoring her throughout the work day, although she senses that she knows.

Later that night when James and Tracy get together he questions her about the flirting incident. Tracy immediately denies flirting back with the customer and they get into a huge argument on Tracy’s mothers front porch. Tracy’s mother Linda hears the commotion and rushes onto the porch to find out what’s going on. As soon as she steps onto the porch she notices James has a tight grip on her daughters arm and tells him to leave. James apologizes to her mother and leaves as she requests.

About an hour later, Tracy receives a phone call from James. He tells her how sorry he is, and how he just wouldn’t want to lose her. She finds that sweet and forgives him, not bringing up the fact that he grabbed her arm so tight it bruised. Tracy doesn’t know the argument was just the beginning of worst to come.

A few more incidents happen down the line. I wish I could tell you everything, because Tracy’s story touched me deeply. The last incident happens after a party that Tracy attends with a friend in which she dances with another male friend. She doesn’t know that James has followed her to the party and is looking right over her shoulder.

Upon returning home from the party, Tracy is approached on her mother’s front porch by an enraged James. It’s around 3am on Leamington Street, and nobody’s out but them. The James that approaches Tracy is not the one with minor jealousy issues she’s used to. This James has another agenda and that’s to harm Tracy.

That’s exactly what he does, he stabs her several times as she screams and pleads for help from her mother or anyone else. The light goes on in her mother’s place, when James sees that he runs off. Tracy dies in her mother’s arms right there on the porch that night. Quickly it’s figured what could have possibly happened, but by the time the police get to James, he’s already taken his own life.

Invest In Something Positive

The Kickstarter campaign will be for full funding of the book series. It will include editing, additional writing, design work, securing a publisher, promotional material, and more. There is exactly 27 days left to secure funding, hopefully it will be a complete success. If you'd like to hear more about my project, perhaps read a few more paragraphs, I've included that link. Every bit of donations counts towards a successful outcome.

Positive Young People doing Positive things!


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    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 3 years ago from Australia

      So easy to see jealously as a minor issue when it is indeed a major red flag that so many girls overlook.

      I'm looking forward to learning more about your project