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Dump Him QUICK!

Updated on September 5, 2012

I don't mean to sound harsh, but there are just some things that constitute a breakup, and here's my list of what a girl should take as signs that she should bolt for the door.

1. Pretends to be his answering machine when you call his house.

2. Coaches his little brother or sister (or roommate) to tell you he’s not home--when you can clearly hear him telling them what to say in the background.

3. Another girl that’s not related to him at all answers his phone and then proceeds to drill you on who you are.

4. Claims he has no money to take you out and then buys new games for his Xbox or a custom paint job for his car.

5. Goes on and on about how fabulous his ex always looks when you exhibit any signs of insecurity.

6. Flirts with your best friend (or any friend of yours)--in front of you!

7. Considers the time he loaned you money to buy lunch your birthday meal.

8. You have to ante up gas/petrol money any and every time he takes you anywhere.

9. Criticizes you in front of his friends.

10. Says something embarrassingly private in the presence of his friends and precedes to laugh about it the loudest (and point out the fact that you’re blushing and looks like you’re about to cry). *Don't think that a grown-ass man won't do this because he will.


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