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Empaths! Resolve the Unresolved Issues Within Yourself

Updated on April 3, 2019

If how people treat you is a reflection of them

...then wouldn’t it also mean that how you are feeling or reacting is an unresolved issue within yourself?

Going out in the world absorbing other people’s emotions and energies can be daunting and by the end of the day exhausting. So how do we deal with that?

Personally, I turn to my favorite distraction. It may sound like I am pushing to sell the idea of Fluid Painting but that’s not at all true. What I AM trying to get across is that you need to find something that helps you in many different ways so you can release all of the extra baggage. For me I turn to Fluid Painting because it is seriously distracting for me. I can get really into the whole process, from mixing the paint in little cups and watching the liquids mingle and combine, to the excitement of seeing the results when I lift a flipped cup onto a blank canvas, and finally once my painting has taken on my excess emotions from the day. I call them Emotions on Canvas.

Finding an Outlet Is Key

Gardening isn’t for everyone but there are many styles of gardening. Most people think that gardening means growing green beans or marigolds but it doesn’t have to be that at all. It could be nothing but a sculpture garden with no plants. I highly recommend container gardening for those that don’t have the ability to have a traditional in the ground garden. Plants are living creatures and need care and isn’t caring for something what we Empaths do? One of my most relaxing and rewarding EASY plants is fairly new to my area and is known as a Bubblegum Petunia. She acts much like a Wave Petunia except that you don’t have to dead head her everyday so she keeps blooming. I still do the dead heading, that’s the relaxing part. I sit on the ground next to her container and gently remove the spent blooms all awhile chatting with her about how beautiful she is. Trust me or any gardener that believes that plants will perform for you that this conversation is only verbally one sided because ultimately this Bubblegum Petunia WILL respond with a stunning show of trumpet shaped flowers in an overabundance. But Petunias aren’t the only plant to respond like that there are many many millions of plants to choose from. Be careful when going to a greenhouse asking for a plant that you can dote on for emotional relief because most times you will be directed towards a house plant and I find that unfair of the retail associate because they have no idea of your homes environment and light so they could be setting you up for failure and we just don’t need that. I can tell you from decades of experience that houseplants aren’t easy because they do require great care but more importantly the right environment. Lets talk ferns for the house. Ferns grow in forests where the light is seriously filtered and its damp all the time. Is that descriptive of your home? And yet you want to buy a fern. Don’t get me wrong some ferns will thrive in a house environment but when a house plant doesn’t then do an Internet search for where that plant originates from in the first place and compare that to your home. Plants are needed in the home to collect on some of the natural negative energies that will occur from time to time and also they help us feel more connected to Mother Earth. I highly recommend. Caring for plants is a very soothing way to deal with your days extra baggage but only if you allow yourself to get distracted by what you are doing when you are working with them. GO to the ZONE!!

Our Wildlife Needs Us

Take Care of Something That Can't Thank You

I will always suggest when talking about de-stressing to get dirty in one way or another. I now live in a seasonal environment so I have to have different outlets for different times of the year and at this point I feel like I have a very well-balanced diet of things to do that will absorb my emotions. In the winter I can paint in my art studio and in the summer I can be out tending to my gardens.

Things that I don’t consider good for de-stressing are jogging, cycling, reading a good book. Not because I don’t think they are great but they can not absorb the emotions that you are carrying. Doing anything physical like jogging, cycling or going to the gym only help you “think” more and at the point of being saturated you just don’t need that because or at least I feel as though this is an exercise that helps open the door to getting inside of our own heads, and that is never a good thing when we are saturated with societies emotions. Releasing these unto something else is where it is at. This is why I suggest going out and getting your hands dirty. It is scientifically proven that the Earth is a magnet. Go lay flat on your back in the grass and just feel how She seems to pull you closer. She has much more capacity to absorb and deal with our overstock.

Another thing that I always like to suggest to people dealing with constant emotional overload is taking care of your birds. Bird watching is one thing and what I’m talking about isn’t that. I’m talking about getting a few feeders out there in the yard or on the deck and literally helping them through the winter months when food is scarce. First off we absolutely need these animals and it is part of our gift to take care of them, they are attracted to us for a reason. When we take care of another living being that can’t thank us in the traditional way we get a sense of “good”, its that simple so once you’ve gained their trust you can spend that precious few minutes during your first cup of coffee in the morning with them and their gratefulness to you. It is a great way to go back out into the world with a bright outlook.

You Must Take Time to Heal

As Empaths we have to find time to heal almost every single day. It goes with the territory. We weren’t given these abilities because something out there didn’t think we could handle them. We are naturally very strong-willed people. We are dotted across the planet and I’m almost sure that if we could pin our locations onto a map it would look strategic. Unfortunately, these gifts didn’t come with a handbook on how to use or handle them. We have to rely on each other for knowledge. Knowledge is Power and there are Power in Numbers. Lack of knowledge in life causes us fear and aids in our belief that if we hide in our homes that we will be safe from the emotions and energies around us, but combining knowledge and our power in numbers we are much less alone. I don’t have all the answers just yet and I hope that just like myself that you are out there learning something new as often as is possible for your path. I spend much of my time researching but most of all listening to what I read. Read that again…Listening to What I Am Reading. These days everything seems to be online and there are a lot of ways to gain knowledge in learning how to work with your gifts. Some of you have many more then you even realize at this point and those will start to shine through the more you grasp the one you do know about. Some of you are clairvoyants, some of you telepaths, or other connective gifts but one thing is for sure, generally the people around you will roll their eyes at you when you speak of your gifts, you will be ridiculed but still they will without knowing the reason feel comfortable to unload onto you the emotions and energies that they are burdened with. We aren’t here to be known for our gifts, we aren’t supposed to be out there waving them around like some golden flag making us better then the next person. I may sound a bit like a hypocrite saying that when here I am writing an article about it but I am writing to YOU because you did an online search for answers and there aren’t many publications to give you those answers. Did you know that Hub pages doesn’t even have a category for Empaths? They don’t because very few people are out there trying to pass along life learned knowledge so if they are you really have to dig for that needle in the haystack. I am not even the needle I am just the eye of that needle in a world that is the haystack it is difficult to shine bright enough for another to find us, so I am glad that you found your way here and hope that you’ll follow me and sign up for notifications to see my new articles.

Examples of Emotional Release


Art (any form of art because even coloring in a children’s coloring book will absorbed your excess emotional baggage)

Gardening (Containers, Vegetable, Zen, Sculpture)

Wildlife Care

Meditation (I use Weightless by Marconi Union, on youtube and a candle scape in my bedroom each night)

Walk in the Forest

Long drive just to listen to your favorite playlist ( I prefer LOUDLY Listening)

These are just a very short list of examples that can help you unload your extra emotional baggage but we each have our own ideas. The ide is to be able to open yourself up and as you drag a crayon, paintbrush, garden trowel, or which ever tool you use that in that you are leaving a tangible item that was once an invisible emotion inside of you. Once you transfer that unto something tangible you NEED TO LET IT GO.

© 2019 Sierra Matthews


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