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Easing Into a Relationship

Updated on December 16, 2013

Some people rush into relationships. The best relationships are the ones that start off slow. Become friends and ease into a relationship.

First get to know each other. It doesn't have to be over a date. Become aquiatances and then move onto friendships. Share inside jokes and tease each other. You could flirt with each other but don't go over the top where he thinks you are easy.

Don't go chasing after him. Make him come after you. Don't go saying "We should hang out sometime." If he is calling you or wanting to see you make it happen until you are in a relationship. Show him that you are interested but not too interested.

Show him you have a life. Don't make up plans if you have none but show him that you have friends so he doesn't think that he is your only life.

Try to involve your head and not only your heart. Look for red flags but keep a positive attitude. Know that it is a possibility that it could work out but if you see something wrong admit it.

Limit who you tell how you feel about him. If you know negative people don't say anything. Just enjoy the moment and take one day at a time.

Take things slow and enjoy the ride. If it is meant to be between the both of you then it will happen. If not then at least you made a friend. if it doesn't work out with this guy doesn't mean it won't work out with every guy. There is a guy for you, it is all about timing. So good luck and have fun.


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