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Easy going life with Love

Updated on March 18, 2016

Being Loved

Love has unique definition for each individual. Some find it in motherly hood, some in friends and many in their soul mates. Being loved is an incredible gift of god. One has to very patient to attain this gift but once accomplished, it’s like the warm clutch of hand held together never to be apart. Being so precious, it’s even a liability to hold this depth of togetherness. Being loved works on the phenomena of give and take and lucky are those who have this aptitude of sustaining the relation to let it be everlasting.

Love is the easiest at the same time most difficult thing to achieve. We as human being run behind the same to feel in each one us and offer it the name of worldly affairs (Moh Maya). Deeply analyzing the facts brings us to the conclusion that any task we do the entire day is related to love in some or the other way. We run behind money and get involved in rat race because money can buy all comfort for the family members and loved ones. Want to be a celebrity and earn name and fame but for what, absolutely to gain love and affection from the world. Mothers leave their profession and restrict themselves to the household stuff just because of her affection for kids and family. Fathers run all day for earning few pennies to comfort the family and fulfill their desires. Safest place for a kid in the entire world is his mom’s lap. Even after the adolescence age infatuation towards the opposite sex is quite common and we all are in need of a loving and caring partner for whom we can go up to any extent crossing all limits leaving the world behind. Being in love makes you senseless and then brings you back to senses to fulfill the desires of your partner and take over his/her responsibility.

Nature in Love too

Sun is the symbol of love enlightening us all through the day. Moon with his dim light shows us the passage in deep nights. It is selfless Rain water soothing our thirsty throat with the sweetest drops. Cool breeze makes us breathe the purest air. God endowed us with endless such precious gifts only because of his love for the living creatures. Each of his children has the same right on these natural gifts with no partiality. One cannot even expect his existence without these natural sources which in turn means Life cannot exist without the nature’s love or God’s Love. Each creation of God shows us the path of love whether towards the nature and mankind. There is something Magical that automatically fills our heart with lot of emotions and feelings while we are in lap of nature. May be this magic is the reason of great artist and poets Like William Shakespeare. Scientific reason behind this I cannot conclude but yes natural beauty bring us closer to inner beauty and same way love brings the soul to the purest level. It would be hardest thing for a painter to draw garbage bin while sitting in front of beautiful river flowing through the mountains. In the same manner it is hardest for a person to reply in rudest form to the pleasing and loving words of another man.

Make life easier with love

Every now and then something or other difficult passages come through our life which makes us difficult to understand the situation and many a times we even lose our temper. Start from the day till the end, life is full of hurdles, problems and issues trying to break our patience level at all time. In the same manner we encounter with endless number of people across the day. Few them making life easier but most of them trying to pull us every second making our life hell. Still we have no other option else to walk through our way and reach the Goal because our Attitude will ultimately affect the life of our loved ones who are waiting at home or somewhere else with lots of expectations. Affection for the loved ones can never allow us to quit in between and encourage walking with strength. Life is too long to keep so much of patience and strength. Better would be to alter our regular habit in such a way that negative people could not affect us anymore. Those changes could vary person to person and also as per the situation. Self analysis is the foremost requirement for any transformation. Smiling tones are difficult to resist whether it is a normal rickshaw puller, family member or office colleagues. Show them your love, make them smile, and shift your life to the easier path. May be difficult to start but once chosen the path of love, it will be a revolutionary change.


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    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 22 months ago

      My Guru says- "Love is not an emotion. It's your very existence."

      Interesting hub!