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A Healthy and Happy Marriage Could Never Be Easier.

Updated on November 7, 2012

The institution that has been present since the first existence of mankind is marriage. Marriage is highly viewed throughout the world but truth be told it has never been a bed of roses. It is said that being single is bliss, getting married is a blister.

Marriage has its ups and downs, much tears and joys and this makes marriage to be viewed as a game where there are quitters and the winners (those who stick to the end). An individual gets into marriage with a fairy tale attitude that he/she will live happily ever after with the spouse. The happily ever after ends as soon as the honeymoon is over and then the reality hits the faces of the newly weds.

But what is marriage? That is one deep question that is defined in different ways worldwide. For me, marriage definition is the joining together of a mature male and female to live together, produce their offspring and stick together in both the tears and the joys. All over the world there is talk about marriage, marriage affairs, marriage tips, benefits of marriage and the like. But it all boils down to one thing, for a healthy, long and happy marriage there needs to be commitment, dedication and a lot of sacrifice on both sides of the parties involved, in short love is never enough.

There are many problems of marriage that come up once a couple decides to get married. These problems and issues of marriage may be in the form of conflicts, alcoholism, infidelity, barrenness, financial issues, separation, emotional breakdown, lack of any form of intimacy, conflicts in decision making and the list goes on. Maintaining and saving a marriage has to involve both the husband and the wife. The woman has to identify key issues in their relationship in order to devise ways to keep her man happy and content. The man has to do the same. Therefore it is important for the married person to identify the problems in his marriage and mend them before it is too late.

There are several effective tips and advice that could be followed by a married couple to ensure they have a smooth, blessed and healthy marriage.

1. After the wedding and the honeymoon, the married couple should still be considerate to one another and be consistent in showing and reassuring each other of their love and affection.

2. A spouse is a half to the other spouse and so in order for one to have a blessed marriage, the husband and wife should ensure that they maintain politeness and courtesy to each other. Respect to each other is of paramount value to any marriage.

3. Alcohol. Happy and blessed are the couples that abstain from alcohol and other drugs.

4. It will be a marriage of joy and happiness if the couple fulfills their marriage vows of fidelity, being faithful to each other and to love each other till death parts them.

5. Prayers. A family that seeks God together tends to stick together through thick and thin. A wise couple will set time each day to commit themselves in gratitude to their maker, and all will be well with them.

6. Humor. A marriage that lacks laughter, warmth and humor is dead.

7. Finances. A healthy couple will sit down together and with complete understanding on their financial obligations, will have a mutual agreement on how to work together as partners and thereby gaining good control on their money and property.

8. Outsiders. A couple will be better off if they are able to deal with their issues and differences without any interference from friends or other family members.

9. A healthy marriage has to consist of children, children are a blessing from the Lord and by being parents, a couple is more likely to have a positive attitude towards their marriage.

10. Yelling and screaming. It is not wise for married couples to yell, hurl insults and shout at each other, it degrades their own self esteem and may lead to disrespect to their marriage. In cases of marital problems, it is wise to sit down as a couple and talk things out as partners.

11. Communication. Communication is the greatest key to any successful relationship.

12. Apologizing and forgiveness. It does not make one a lesser being when apologizing for a mistake committed. A couple should learn to apologize for mistakes done and always give room for forgiveness. Never sleep when there are unresolved disputes between you and your spouse.

13. Conjugal rights. A man and a woman should give themselves fully to their spouses so as to ensure there is complete sexual satisfaction in the marriage institution.

14. Support. One should always be there for his/her spouse and offer them moral, emotional, financial and physical support when the need arises.

A healthy marriage is not easy to achieve but with determination and patience, one will be able to restore a failing marriage or ensure that his/her marriage is one happy and blessed marriage.


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    • profile image

      Miller Victoria Joseph 6 years ago

      Thanks for ur teachings and encouragement. At least i've known some basical keys on how to keep a happy home.

    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      Reynold, very true that a great relationship is not easy to keep but its worth every effort. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and addup.

      Thunderkeys, thanks for appreciating the hub and for the uplifting comment.

    • ThunderKeys profile image

      ThunderKeys 6 years ago

      That is some good, solid and practical marriage advise, some of the best I've read. The spiritual dimension is so very important.

      Great first morning read!

      Thank you,

      - Duddy.

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Thanks for 14 steps to a great relationship. Not an easy task. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. Up one and Useful. Hey! I'm now your fan! RJ