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Eiffel Tower Vases

Updated on May 12, 2011

Eiffel Tower Vases

Want to buy Eiffel tower vases? Eiffel tower vases have become a popular centerpiece option for weddings and receptions. Generally, ostrich feathers are placed inside the vases to give an elegant effect to tables. Floralytes are also sometimes placed inside clear or frosted vases for illumination. Fake ice is also another option for illumination in this type of vase. When you are planning your wedding, consider using Eiffel tower vases to create a beautiful reception. You won’t regret it and your guests will love it.

Note: If the vases are sold out in the modules then you can purchase the entire set of vases by clicking here. The set features 12 24 inch Eiffel tower vases, white ostrich feathers, floralytes and everything needed to create centerpieces for a reception. Bookmark this page and when other products that are cheaper become available, they will be included. Eiffel tower vases sell out very quickly everywhere due to high demand and popularity; therefore, it's very difficult to keep product availability up to par.

Eiffel Tower Vases - Information

Eiffel tower vases are tall, thin and sleek – just as the real tower in France. They are designed to give elegance to a reception table but to avoid blocking the views from wedding guests. Bases are about three and a half inches with an opening roughly around one and a quarter inches. The most requested height of Eiffel tower vases is 24 inches. This height is ideal as it is tall enough to avoid blocking the views of guests. Clear glass options in this vase model are often preferred due to the use of illumination products, such as Floralytes.

Eiffel Tower Vases – Creating A Wedding Centerpiece

To create a centerpiece, use white ostrich feathers and foam tops with vases. Place a foam top inside the opening of the Eiffel tower vase. Then take the feathers and begin poking them into the foam starting at the bottom of the topper. Keep placing feathers into the foam topper until you are satisfied with the look. The amount of feathers needed is dependant on how thick and fluffy that you want the display to be. Generally, 20 to 40 feathers is a rough estimate for each display.

Eiffel tower vases using white ostrich feathers and floralytes
Eiffel tower vases using white ostrich feathers and floralytes

Eiffel Tower Vases – Illumination with Floralytes

Floralytes are used to illuminate Eiffel tower vases in many different colors. Floralytes are a small LED light that is placed upwards at the bottom of a vase. Fake ice is often put into the vase to give a unique illumination with Floralytes. Waterproof Floralytes are also available and water may be substituted for fake ice. 

Eiffel Tower Vases - Tips

Although Eiffel tower vases are beautiful due to design, steps must be taken to prevent accidents. Due to the height and thinness, these wedding centerpieces may be easily tipped over from guests getting up and down from tables. Consider putting some river rocks in the bottom for additional stability. The weight should help keep them from falling over. 


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