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Embrace Your Ugliness. Aging Is a Gift!

Updated on September 7, 2016
My brother and I have interesting humor
My brother and I have interesting humor | Source

Long Live Aging

Say what? Embrace my cellulite and stretch marks? Smile in the mirror when I see another grey hair? Have a toast on yet another birthday even though I got hot flashes, wrinkles and sore hips from doing nothing.

'Happy birthday granny.' The standard comment from my younger brother when I celebrate my birthday. Always with a naughty smile. I know my brother long enough to appreciate his humor.

Our jokes go beyond most of my friend's understanding and my parents ask themselves over and over, what on earth went wrong? We blame our dad for teaching us how to fart during dinner and we tease our mum constantly for mixing up our names with those of the dogs. (They died 25 years ago) On top of that, I love to bring my mum a box of chocolate when she talks about losing weight again. Absolutely no need to.

Adapt to Change

My mum shared her idea on aging and skin when I was fourteen. "Feel my legs," she said. Upwards her shin felt like a cactus. Based on that and having very light hair, I took her advice and never shaved my legs. Only when I turned 35, I started to have them waxed.

My mother also used to buy my underwear. Until age 17 I wore Sloggie size M. In other words, granny model but very very comfortable. I wore them until I was 30! 'Don't you have any tanga's? I don't want to offend you, but wearing tight sportswear without wearing a bra while seeing the marks of your enormous Sloggie, is quite ugly?' This being said by a friend I couldn't have done without. Ever.

Ugliness or beauty? Self mockery or self pity? Taking advice or ignoring it? Whatever you do, time passes and your face will tell. Your body changes and your image does to. Aging means change. Change means to adapt. A different size, another color, sexy push-ups and a wellness day with friends. New friends, ten years younger, suggesting underwear that makes your butt look sexier.

There's nothing more natural than your naked body
There's nothing more natural than your naked body | Source

The Naked Truth

If you seriously think you're body is deteriorating, go and spend a day in the sauna. I used to go three times a year, just enough to keep myself from complaining about random stuff. Men and women walk around naked, using a towel to sit on and relax. You see all sorts of bodies around. Very few are hot, muscled and toned and no one cares for pubic hair and size.

It's good for my self esteem, extremely relaxing and lovely to feel naked and free. Unfortunately I can't enjoy this anymore since I live in Spain, as you all need to wear a bathing suit. Nude beaches however are everywhere around but it's not the same as relaxing in a hot tub.

Push-up does the trick. If not, I have to tuck them in my socks Hah!
Push-up does the trick. If not, I have to tuck them in my socks Hah! | Source

Lucky for my Genes

I had a friend a little over 40. Beautiful and sexy but way too insecure. She had amazing skin! At least her body did. She had smoked all her life so her face showed. We used to shop together and eat cheesecake at the end of our day. For as long as I know her, she wanted to lose some weight. For as long as I know her, she didn't like getting older.

I loved those days in the sauna with her.
'I'm not that bad, am I?'
- 'You're absolutely beautiful! Look around. What more do you want?'
'I want to look like before. Slim, size S, men in line who wanted to date me.'
- 'And you want your cigarette, your cheesecake and your wine. You can't have it all. I can't either.'
'You don't have wrinkles!'
- 'I don't smoke and I have good genes.'
'Why are you so lucky?'
- 'I'm not. I'm Bipolar.' We giggled and relaxed.

On my way to 44, I feel sexier than ever. I love my ballerina legs, my boobies are quite OK, my belly used to be flatter and I'm crazy for caffeine. I crave for sugar but need to be careful and I'm addicted to tight jeans with stretch. Low waist jeans are a killer for my figure and I absolutely need good bra's, lot's of cardio and 10 hours of sleep.

Magic Creams don't Stop Time

People sometimes ask: 'So how old are you anyway?' I always make them guess. They never guess right. I always feel better and then I share my secret: 'Wanna know how I did it? I never really smoked, hardly drank alcohol, used no drugs at all and never partied heavily. I learned to stay fit by living a healthy life and worked out most of my life as it makes me feel better.

Aging is a gift although some don't see it this way. For all of you who believe in Botox, surgery and magic creams, may it bring what you hoped for. I myself am a strong believer of showing off aging gracefully, taking myself as serious as possible while enjoying every bit of wisdom, life has taught me over the years.

I don't need to explain, how to accept your beauty and brains. How to love your perfect butt or your tight flat belly. Enjoy it while it lasts and get ready for some change. Stop living in the past and look back at it with happiness. Aging is a gift, for it teaches you the transient nature of the life we live. Just as we learn about the impermanence of beauty and the hidden truth of anti aging products.

Today I stood in front of the mirror. My face looked different. Something had changed. Tiny wrinkles beneath my eyes. It was about time as it will not stand still. Then I see another grey hair. I pull it out and stare at it for some seconds. 'I'm not ready for you today.' Then I toss it away, knowing more will show up tomorrow. Oops!


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