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Emotional Attachment in the Power of Love

Updated on May 9, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      The power of love is a universal activity of mankind to bring within the realm of emotional experience. The existence of mankind may have little complexities when we speak about love that sometimes no one could get the right answer of what is love. Our intellect sometimes over power by the emotional experiences being attached from our attraction from the opposite sex. The normal human reaction may always judged by the compelling appreciation on the physical beauty and attractiveness to someone we thought to like. The physical attraction may simply describe by the beauty of a woman and handsome looking guy.Of course, not all of us have that kind of physical attractive qualifications to be in loved by somebody else.

      The love of someone may still follow the criteria of the physical attraction that may in someone way equal the beauty and look of the one we like.Second,the gentleness of his /her attitude and behavior which sometime only our free will and judgment may qualify to that condition. Most women are sometimes attracted by the attitude and behavior including the intellect of men.However, women would still like on the combination of physical attractiveness and good attitude and behavior . That's the perfect sight for women who want a perfect partner. Most of them are being trapped by this situation where in good looking men in the guise of good action and behavior may let women fall in love. Likewise, beautiful women follow this kind of dangerous game of love.

      The human species are usually busy to find time to look themselves attractive in the opposite sex. Of course, it is not always the case that we find beauty not for love but social recognition. Remember, the man is a social being that needs to be appreciated not usually on intellect but beauty. Your wife or husband would like to look good not because of love but on social norm and appreciation about their physical attractiveness that made them more superior than others.

      Now, when speak we about the power of love in choosing a future partner may be a different story. There are levels of human emotions that may follow the condition of love from teen love attraction to the final commitment as a future husband and wife. In the teen love, there are lots of human expression based on fads and fashions as physically expressed by social stature. The physical attraction through"crush love" and " infatuation" appears constantly until finally you notice and observe the gentleness of his/her heart and action. Remember, that even you grow old you may find the same criteria of attractiveness and actions that you wanted to know. But what is so powerful as indication of love is the physiological and psychological response of your body that may affected on the dimensions of your sane life.

      This is the power of love on the different sense wherein you encounter something that it hard to explain about your emotion and action. Your life is so crazy in many ways... from the trembling of the heart, overjoyed emotions, sleepless night, sensitivity and egocentricity , and all forms of insanity that you may experience. These are the emotional attachments when you are in love its the creation of excitement, depression, stress and most of all smile and laughter to someone you care. All of us have experienced these senseless emotions but that is the power of love which make as crazy and overjoyed from someone we care.

      So if you experience this kind of emotional attachment that you cannot explain by the power of your intellect and beyond human compassion, then, you may say that is the power of love. All experiences in our life, the most treasured moment would still be the things we had done for the sake of love. It is the most exciting moment that sometimes never fully foretold completely to your friends and family. We simply smile, reflect and care the moments of love that we want to capture in our like.

     Sometimes " first love" is disturbing and painful for most of us.We learn so much about the meaning of love before as we experienced it. But we can share and revive just like teen or puppy love to someone we truly love our husband or wife. Make your self feel crazy on some way of courting your love one. Give a flower when he/she least expecting it... Buy her/him a toy stuff... Play yourself like teenager... Go for a date...Remember your good old days when you married... That's the everlasting love and gift that we can give to love ones... Well your love is diminishing right now! Well that's normal find ways to revive your love... That's the advice of the savior of love.


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      11 years ago

      Very insightful...thank you!


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