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Enchanted Wedding

Updated on July 24, 2010

Creating a wedding environment that feels like a breath of fresh air

Imagine white and ivory roses, rhinestones and crystals shining brightly against the light colors from white and ivory roses. Your silver candelabras with white votive candles, creating a soft romantic illuminating glow. Ooh...ahh...a room filled with light fresh colors and cream or ivory linens and tablecloths. Your centerpieces are strung with crystals that are hung from clear wire. Your makeup looks clean and fresh from using neutral colors, and your hair is pulled back with a rose in it creating simple elegance. Use your accent color from your wedding color scheme in your wedding favors, napkins, charger plates, and wedding stationary such as menu cards, escort cards, etc. You can also incorporate your accent color by using ribbon on and in your bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets. Just don't overdo it with your accent color, we don't want to overpower the dreamlike ambiance we are trying to create.

Raining rose petals: Sparaticly place rose petals everywhere, on reception tables, aisle runner and cake table. By using inexpensive votive candles and rose petals that are sold in bulk at craft stores, you are getting more for less. Your cake can be simple but elegant with roses, and candles around your cake, giving your wedding cake it's own spotlight. Crystal (imitation) glassware set the mood for royal dining. For a fairytale setting, drape or swag light color fabric or tulle ( if fabric isn't in your budget) on columns or archways that you can rent from party rental stores. To soften the look of your wedding decor you can also add feathers to your centerpieces and bouquets, but remember in moderation. Two feathers per centerpiece depending on size. If your wedding venue or church doesn't allow you to light candles, you can by packs of craft lights that stay lit for eight hours once you ignite them. You can buy clear or colored lights. The choice is yours on how you decide to distribute your wedding budget. You may want to hire a lighting specialist, to set the mood for you. If not, place up lights in corners of room. Until next time....stay fabulous!

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