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Enlighten the day of Other

Updated on May 15, 2011


…” Make your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do and will praise

your Father in Heaven…” (Matthew 5:16)

Have you ever tried to enlighten the other person’s day by your sweet words or good deed? Please try and you will see your changing’s power and its wonderful and amazing effect.

One day I tried with my long time wife; Just one morning before going to work I said to her:

-“Oh Annie, How beautiful your dress is today..!

My wife looked at me with all her wonder: -“...Really am I? ”

I confirmed: -“ Really you darling!” and she rewarded me with a tight hug and a warmest kiss that I ever hope for…

Another day I tried with my daughter...I quit my lunch hour and going out to bought the best Chicken Grill Bucket from Dairy Queen and came to my daughter’s school office and requested for meet with her.

“Maria grade 11E, please come to school’s office...” the voice of the Reception lady made me feeling excited...

Five minute later Maria, my daughter saw me with all her surprise and asked me with her sweet voice:

-“Hi Daddy, what did happen when you come to meet me today? “

I gave her the package of Dairy Queen’s Chicken Grill and tried to say those sweet words naturally:

-“Nothing happen Honey, I only want to give you the lunch I think you would like...”

Her beautiful eyes were shining with her big happy smile:

-“Yummy...Yummy... Thank you Daddy…”

I felt the Heaven came around us at that moment…

After that I tried with many different friends, co-workers, even with one person who did not like me before…; However, right now we became the best friend to each other.

I tried and witnessed the power of changing in my relationship with different people around me..I feel happier, had more good friends, and enjoyed my life with the fullest.


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