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Every Successful Relationship Went Through a Lots of Sacrifices

Updated on June 24, 2020
Wild Celo profile image

Wild is a college student who wants to write about love and learn about love.

What you have to do when you're in relationship.

In relationship it doesn't only talk about happiness it also involve pain and sacrifices.

You must learn to Understand, trust and have faith to someone you love but also to the powerful who create everything including love.

Love is giving and sacrificing.


Do two people have to sacrifice?

In love the most challenging part is the pain and sacrifices, this is the test to the two person's love and a test on how they can handle it.

Let's start how to have a successful relationship.

Two people didn't meet by chance, they meet because that's the rule of fate, to make two people cross their path and explore the world with love. They start with flirting and then proceed to a date and after knowing each other it's time to declare if the answer is a "Yes" or a busted.

In any chance after knowing each other the possible outcome is they're making their heart one.

At this point they'll start happily, less arguments because they focus on adjustment.

Every successful relationship went through a lots of sacrifices.

Yes, the main thing must be know.

In relationship two people may experience;

• Unfaithfulness

It's either a boy or the girl.

Because of this the conflict starts, for example you love your girlfriend but you still want to flings with other, what do you think she might feel and the same to a boy if a girl will do the same thing.

Because of Unfaithfulness you may possibly spent your time with our fling instead to your partner. This is trouble.

The other half may think "what did I do wrong? Where in our relationship I fail?"

Why do someone is unfaithful anyways?

Someone is unfaithful if they don't truly love their partner,

If they only want some games and try other things too, another emotion, and they want a challenge or they have assurance that their partner love them and can't afford to lose them and if the time she/he'll know the other party make the strong love of other one as an advantage like they'll say "It's fine to have a fling she/he won't get mad because I know that she/he love me, she/he can forgive me still."

Because of this a relationship may got flourish but if the other half's love is true then they can make up things and pass this challenge. The other one just only need some realizations about their relationship and about the love they feel.

•Respect and Space

Both needs to be respected especially their decisions.

If you love you automatically respect that someone.

If there's a problem talk about it and give spaces after, mind sometimes needs to be cool down and a heart needs to rest from a bad beating.

Space doesn't mean letting go, it means cooling down the issue after talking about it.

In love it also doesn't mean that if there's a lack of communication the love will fade because love itself can't be faded by absence easily, if love is real.

Relationship will be successful if both know how to respect and give space to each other.

Don't think about sacrifices

The common problem of couples is this, if they have an argument they both spat about their sacrifices like;

"I do everything you want though I'm against about it because I don't want you to get mad, I sacrifice what I like for you"

"I choose you over my friends because you said you need me but what did you do? Instead of having a good conversation with me you play mobile games instead"

Some of the situation was that, they're talking about the pain about something they sacrifice to.

Instead of that try to understand, if you love a person respect their decision and support them, sometimes things just come to pass by, why don't you support the things they want if you know that it's just a seasonal.

•Embrace Changes

Changes is constant, don't unlove someone because they change, learn to love that change instead. If you can't love the change then that's not love.

A person can change in attitude due to aging, change in figures too, interest, favorite like foods and everything can change because of aging and maybe because of community too. You have to embrace it and enjoy the change until you can say that things you do is worth it.

Lastly, Create some rules

It may sound childish but it's effective, setting some rules and following it can reduce worries.

Learn to love not just by appearance but because that can be change as the time goes by, understand and have a good communication with your love ones. Make them special.

Ways to make your love ones trust you

Actually trust is unnoticeable, sometimes you feel like not to trust but you still trust. That's a weird thing we all experience.

It's like we're making impossible things possible.

I'll give a situation where we can prove that trust isn't your will, trust is inside your heart that you can't control sometimes but due to anger and making a mistakes repeatedly our brain automatically react and teach us what's the real meaning of trust.

For example;

•Jace and Alice were in relationship but Jace cheat on her. As a result, Alice got mad and hurt so, do you think the trust will gone? Of course not! If she really love him she'll still accept him, she may say that she won't trust him anymore but that's not the exact thing that happens, she still trust him because she still love him. That's the first case, you trust because you love, you trust because you still believe and have feelings but on the other side the trust will gone due to making the same mistake again and again. In this case, the love became less and questionable, our brain react to every situation and your brain teach you what's the best like how you forget your dreams sometimes.It only states that you have a bad dream and your brain have to remove it in order for you so you won't get hurt. The same in the trust, if someone will make a mistake to you again and again your brain will react and on the process you may feel that your love for someone became doubtful.

That's the role of brain.

In order to make your love ones trust you again you may;

CHANGE- Show that you're worth it, show that you change and you can take things seriously.

Make them feel that you're serious- show them that you're not playing around, if you do a mistake it's so hard for someone to forget it, all you have to do is change their perspective about that, show them that you really love them and you change. Show them that you deserve chances.

Show that your love is real- to make this possible you have to give some extra effort,win her/his heart again and again like you're pursuing her everyday. Make them happy and stay faithful.

(It's so hard to have someone that can love you faithfully and it's hard to find someone that stays in a long term relationship, all you have to do is be contented to that someone and show your love for them not just on special days but always and everyday. Make them feel that she/he is the best gift you ever receive because sometimes simple things is much Worth it, things like unseen and not a material. That is love.)

Sometimes love is also about giving up

When you already felt that the relationship is unhealthy try to make it work like on your first date but if it won't work maybe only space and breakup is the solution.

If you're meant then wedding is the new start.


© 2020 Wildine Joy Bargola


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