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Excerpt Of Spiritual Memoirs

Updated on November 3, 2009

Trying To Be Good


While I was looking above these women trying to live on Hasbrook Philly, Pennsylvania, USA

I noticed they are to punishment. None, none are beyond me. Definitely none. I am the only worthwhile

choice with the poet. And I sure never would make any of mine leave. For I will always take any living of

mine and make any,

Especially any prayers for all of us.  That were Jesus’s and we will be forever together again over this

phone or by email or perhaps by personhood whenever we can all see one another again perhaps

someday real soon. And we live through our imaginations, that also ought to be worthy.


For we were telling one another anything we wanted and needed to do. We were a wholesome big,

Catholic family of great love and loyalty. We were and will be gold with all of that. We were and will be

everything else and anything of great love over all trouble and tribulations of life with Our God who is

Jesus…for he will save all of us and through the pieces that God gives, He can give all of us great

blessings and great love for one another for we through the wholesomeness and pieces of that big

French Canadian, German and Irish family shall live happily God’s Way. And we do try to do the Will Of

God everyday. For we were called to the life of holiness with Jesus and holiness we will do.

Thanks be to God!

By Sherry Shea Jubelirer


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