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FWB: What is a Friend with Benifits

Updated on September 21, 2011

By definition

By definition "Friends with Benefits" is described as this, " Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment." But is this the smartest way to be involved with someone. With the FWB relationships I have witnessed there have been a few rare occasions were one member in the relationship has strong feelings for the other while the other person could really care less. This kind of situation can be dangerous to someones mental and emotion state.

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Some Dangers

I have personally experienced some of these pains and dangers for myself. They are as far from enjoyable as you can think. Stupid old me really fell for my FWB. Enough for the pitty party though. Lets get back to the subject. The dangers of a FWB relationship.

First one that comes into mind if you are in the situation I stated above is that you are bound to be hurt. You care for this person and he or she could care less. All they want is someone to help relieve their physical needs. There is no real way to get out of this situation other than end it all together. That option though means that you could also lose your friend permanently not to mention lose someone you really car about. If you are in this situation you probably want to keep your FWB in your life no matter what, even if listening to him or her talk about how he still has feeling for his ex and about the things they use to do everyday tortures you till you have a panic attack. Well maybe not that extreme. It was the first example that came into my head that could get my point across.

Another damage is your mental health. Durning this situation there are probably thoughts like, "Whats the point of this," and, "Do I mean anything? Am I even important?" These thoughts can lead to a serious depression which will only further harm you state of mind. When I was in this situation I spent most of my time trying to not think at all.

And the most dangerous damage of getting into this situation is damage to your self esteem. You begin to feel like no one would want to be in a serious relationship with you. These thoughts then tie into the danger listed right above this one leading to an even deeper depression.

So from me to you I suggest you avoid falling for your FWB. This statement may sound like common sense but sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds. Trust me I know. So if you are going to be going into a FWB relationship then make sure you keep your guard up against yourself and against your partner. A damaged heart is impossible to fix, more so than a damaged mind.


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