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Facebook Addiction, Is It Real?

Updated on July 2, 2014

The Purpose of Facebook

Before I can begin to talk about rather or not people are addicted or becoming addicted to Facebook I think I need to establish why Facebook was created and the purpose the developer had in mind for the social network.

I read the articles about the original purpose of Facebook which is why I understand why accounts get blocked when people add too many people they do not know. Seems like Facebook was created to connect long lost friends from school, old neighbors and stay in touch with family members that have moved out day trip driving range.

Facebook Likes and Shares

I have noticed that some of my friends will delete posts, pictures and/or Facebook Fan Pages if they do not get a certain about of LIKE”s” and/or SHARE”s”. Sometimes people will not LIKE or SHARE a post because they are so vain they probably think that last post was about them.

There is a strange need for people to post where they are at this moment in time or where they are going to be today, tomorrow or next week and if they post about this private moment in their real life and the post does not get LIKEs some will unfriend friends that do not LIKE or SHARE their precious moments or they will delete the post even if they received one or two LIKEs.

I had a female Facebook friend that have a Facebook Fan Page and no matter how many LIKEs the page has, she will worry all day and night if she loses one LIKE. Wow you have over 5,000 LIKEs why do you care if one LIKE is deducted? It could be that someone deactivated their Facebook page permanently or they did not know how to unfollow all of the postings without removing their LIKE vote for the page.

Facebook Married?

I was recently informed by one of my male friends on Facebook that he had a Facebook Wife, I found this kind of strange because he actually was married with a child. I wanted to what could be so wrong in your real life that would justify having a Facebook Husband or Wife?

I asked my male Facebook friend why he chose to have a Facebook Wife and his response was simply that he could relate to her better than he can with his real Wife. My Facebook male friend said he can always connect to Facebook and see a “GOOD MORNING” post or Inbox message from his Facebook Wife when he cannot even get a Good Morning from his Wife as they are getting dressed for work.

So is having a Facebook Husband or Wife considered cheating? I guess if you think about they are sharing things that should or could be shared with their real Husband or Wife then it could be considered emotional cheating. Facebook Husbands and Wives depend on each other emotionally and on the days when they cannot communicate via Facebook they can feel very depressed and withdrawn.

The one thing that most people did not take in consideration when they engage in the role playing of being Facebook Married is realizing that you will have very few disagreements with your Facebook Husband or Wife because you two are not dealing with real life issues like job loss, evictions, missing meals because of financial hardships, a spouse becoming ill and having to depend on their spouse for moral and physical support on a daily basis.

I can remember a comment on a Myspace page that read, “Myspace to My Place” back in the days when Myspace was popular like Facebook. I also remember seeing comments on pages referring to betrayal and pictures of hearts with the captions that read “Thanks for Last Night” then after a couple of hours there would be more posts that read “What Do You Mean Thanks For Last Night?”.

Facebook Anonymous and Facebook Addiction Links

Below are just a few links I found online regarding Facebook Addiction

Facebook vs Twitter?

It is no secret or doubt that Facebook addicted people will not appreciate the whole concept of Twitter. Twitter does not offer a Facebook addicted person the type of friend control they have on Facebook. On Facebook, an addicted person can see when they friends are online and then can invade their privacy by sending private inbox messages, they can see when their friends are tagged in a post or picture, like a post or picture, post in a Facebook Group, become friends with someone and a lot more of friend tracking can be done just by logging into Facebook.

Twitter does not require you to follow a person just because they follow you therefore direct private messages can only be initiated if you are being followed by the person you trying to send a private message. There is no way to determine if someone is actively on Twitter at any given time because there is no “green light” to indicate that your connection is active and available for instant conversations.

Are you addicted to Facebook?

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