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Facebook and Myspace

Updated on October 14, 2010


Not many people really know the story of how came to be. Well, at least more are aware of it thanks to the movie “The Social Network”. For those that don’t know, it started in Harvard. It was merely a practical joke one friend played on the other and he wound up becoming a millionaire because of it.

I personalyl have used both Myspace and Facebook. I originally had a Myspace profile first. Then out of nowhere came Facebook which I signed up for but hardly used because I just didn’t like it. My friend talked me into using it more and I began to like it. Shortly after that, maybe a year later, I canned both of the websites. I realized what they really were. So here’s my top 10 reasons why NO ONE should use FACEBOOK, and well, MYSPACE.

·          10 – They are both breeding grounds for predators.

And no I don’t mean the movie although I’m sure it too has its own profile and fan page. I see more and more boys and girls on Myspace and Facebook and it’s kind of disturbing. They are as young as 10 years old! Some actually will put their number right where anyone can see it and some even go as far as to put where they live. Can you say “Where is mommy?” or “Where is daddy?” I’m sorry but NO CHILD should be on either one of these sites. I would go as far as to say they need to be at least 16 years old. Why can’t they make these sites with a security code where you have to put a license number in while signing up? That would prevent children from going on these stupid sites!

·          9 – Hello Spam, Virus’s and no sense of security!

Here’s something both sites won’t tell you… They are loaded with SPAM and VIRUS’S! Yeah both of which can invade your personal accounts on your computer and pretty much fry it from the inside out. Yeah, yeah there is virus software but keep in mind, every day some new hacker is creating a new virus no software can protect. What better place to use that virus then on Facebook or Myspace?

·          8 – Where did the outside world go?

Some people are so wrapped up in these sites that they forget there is life outdoors. If I want to talk to someone, I have a phone. If I want to see them, well I go to their house or they come to mine. I’m not looking at some stupid picture.

·         7 – Can we say a new form of virtual addiction?

I have witnessed people cry, yes, CRY over both sites when they couldn’t log in for whatever reason. People are getting so wrapped up in this “online friend %$#*” that they don’t even realize how addicted they are.

·          6 – It’s a sign of sheer loneliness.

I’ve seen countless bar, boob, finger, kiss, fish lips, butt shot, bikini, bicep, ab pictures and its enough to make me sick. Nothing like posting drunk pictures for the world to see and you can say “hey, that’s me, but where’s my shirt?”. I’m so over the picture thing. I’m all for a few family pictures, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend pictures and even the pets but it has GOTTEN OUT OF HAND! When you post a million pictures of you and only you its pretty much saying “Hey, I have self-esteem issues”. I’ve done it before and let me tell you, I use to have them issues.

·          5 – Uhh its kind of pointless, don’t you think?

I can see them being useful for a few things, like long distant friendships, or for family but other than that???


·          4 – It’s one giant High School.

People try to top each other with more friends, better pictures and better comments. Some girls will actually go through a 2-4 hour preparation to take a picture of themselves and post it just to get comments from guys. Oh wait, honey! You’re not showing enough boob! Yeah, just do the bikini or bra shot, that will get the pervs a-clicking!

·         3 – Welcome to Cheatsville USA!

It pretty much gives anyone the ability to cheat with just a few clicks and a number. Do I need to say more?

·         2 – It’s an online breeding ground for LUST.

All them pictures, hot guys, sexy girls… Um, hello. Look at number 3, shall I go on?

·         1 – Common sense is knocking…

Did you answer your door today? If you still own an account to either or both, chances are common sense left your house a long time ago. He may be back, you should try answering it next time.


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    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks aka-dj! So many people use them sites and ask, "What's wrong with my life?" Stop sharing your life on the internet! lol

    • aka-dj profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      Very perceptive of you.

      Nice read. I agree with most all of your ten.


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