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Failure: Friends of friends

Updated on December 20, 2016

Friends of famous people

So this year has been really interesting on so many levels. At the beginning of the year if you had told me that I would meet the people that I have had the privilege of meeting through the course of the year I would have just looked at you like you were crazy. I am an introverted person and so naturally before this I had never had the experience of meeting people who are in the public space. In my introvertedness I always imagined that if you have a good conversation, connect on a human level and exchange numbers then you are friends right?(maybe I missed a memo but I am pretty sure that's how it worked in high school). It turns out I was wrong(shockingly!) I really had to sit myself down and give myself a real talking to, just because Oprah(figuratively speaking) gives you her number and is a nice person doesn't mean you can call her and ask her what she had for breakfast! (seriously just put the phone away slowly and move away from it!)

Name dropping

So before I had this profound lesson down pat I went to this particular event and met a lady there who I had met previously. When I had met her previously I had introduced myself and said oh I am a friend of so and so and I asked her how her move was and that kind of thing, she said to me in her own words any friend of so and so is a friend of mine we should go out for coffee sometime and I was quite excited abut that. And so when I met her the second time I confidently walked up to her and said hello (since in my mind we were now friends and everything). I kid you not she looked at me like she had never seen me before in her life, took my hand, gave it a pat and said that burnt orange looks really good on you in a dismissive sort of way and she turned and started listening to the speeches. I was beyond stunned, I was mortified! like seriously? It would have made it easy for me to swallow if I look normal but the thing is I dress in a very peculiar way and so it makes it very hard to not remember me.

The lesson I learned

Name dropping can only get you so far. You cannot in honesty ride on other people's success, you need to get off your own behind and work really really hard. When you find success then and meet people then, they will definitely remember your face and your name. Even though on that day I left the event feeling a bit upset, small and very much insignificant, looking back I am so glad that it happened that way I now know the importance of making my own name. There is a quote that says you must work so hard to the point that you will no longer need to introduce yourself. As the year winds down I am grateful for the failures that I experienced for they taught me really valuable lessons.

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