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Falling For a Bartender

Updated on November 5, 2013

You can't help who you fall in love with but there are some people who we are better off without. Being in love with a bartender is not easy. In fact there are many complications when it comes to dating a bartender.

When you date a bartender you have to deal with the inconvenient times. You may want to do date night on a Saturday night, he will be working. You will be spending weekends alone if you don't chose to go to the bar he works. He will get out at 4am and he won't be there when you want him to be there.

Trust. Girls and bartenders are not a good mix. Bartenders like to flirt and girls want the attention of a bartender. They will slip him their number and have many tricks if they want to seduce a bartender. They may even wait till the bar closes and ask him if he wants to hang out after he is done working.

Sure bartenders get paid good but it's not easy dating one. Most bartenders are good looking and have a reputation for being a player. They even flirt for tips. Stick to a guy who is shy and you know you can trust.


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