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Falling for the guy who Doesn't Want a Relationship

Updated on September 15, 2014

Unrequited love could be tough. The one guy you want more than anything, does not return the feelings for you. What about if he does like you but is not ready for a relationship?

There are guys out there who do not want to be with one person only. Especially when they are young they want to date around until they find the one for them. This is one reason why age difference matters. Older girls want marriage and a serious commitment and if they are with someone a couple of years younger he may want to play the field and the topic of love freaks him out.

The worst thing to do is try to force him into a serious relationship. If he is not ready for a relationship then you have to respect his wishes. Forcing him into a relationship will lead to cheating, arguing and eventually breaking up.

Just because someone does not want a relationship does not mean he does not care about you. Maybe it is timing.

There are many people who were not on the same wavelength when they met. One person wanted a serious relationship and the other did not. Then they met years later and the person who did not want a relationship back then grew up and now their relationship is stronger than ever.

You can't wait around for a guy either. Of course don't fight your feelings because you never know what could happen later in life. Just focus on you, surround yourself with other guys and if you meet a guy who you do like and who does want a relationship give him a chance.

Just because a guy does not want a relationship with you now does not mean he will not in the future. It is all about timing and fate. So trust the universe and know that what is meant to be, will be.

Have you ever wanted a guy before who did not want a relationship?

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