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Fascination Leads to destruction

Updated on June 19, 2013

The sun was setting and the clouds were hovering on the sky. I was standing in the balcony when suddenly a strong wind blew and took me into that gathering which I attended a fortnight ago. There I met my cousin with whom I fell in love before marriage. We met for the first time in a party where we stared each other unintentionally for a long time. After that we were from head to tail in love. Weeks turned into months and then years. We planned a cheering future together but never knew that it was nothing but a nightmare. We have not dated ever but family gatherings, social media and cell phone was the source of communication between us. And after I had completed graduation, one day my parents told me that they are going to get me married. I was stupefied and went into a deep shock. I felt my whole life was ended at that moment. I stumbled and went into my room somehow. I called and told him that everything is over. I wept and he consoled. My head was pounding harder and my whole world was crushed under a single decision took by my parents. Our plans were smashed and we felt helpless because the change in the decision of my parents seemed impossible. I had to obey because there was no such defect in that person which my parents choose for me. Yes, we were apart despite all our efforts and planning. I was sleepless for weeks. That pain in my heart was immeasurable and inexpressible. I don’t know much about him because of the marriage was near and I had to sit in the gatherings of my friends and family. I just remember we were both grieved but I had to surrender and I did. I lost the love, I love the most. On my marriage ceremony he was there, sitting alone in the corner. He had an eye contact twice but what I felt at the moment can’t be expressed in words because some feelings can only be felt. Such situations in your life either make you or break you but I was blessed and lucky that it made me. This incident had changed the course of my life and taught me much. Time has healed everything and I realized that nothing lasts forever. A fortnight back in that gathering we met again. He was married and happy in his life and so, I am. Remember no one dies without anyone. These are just verbal dialogues.

The root cause of my story is in front of you. Now let me confess my mistakes. Firstly, I used to watch a serial in days when I was in relation which almost matched my story. I used to feel that we shall also get out of the hardships as they did in the serial. But later I realized that this is just a fantasy and should be treated as such. Do watch serials, movies etc but make sure that you are prudent enough to take lessons out of it rather than just enjoying them. Secondly, social media and telephone networks had played their role fully in ruining my life but I was at mistake. Thirdly, I used to listen songs after we broke up which diffused my soul and pulled me into the bleakness. And lastly but the foremost of all was that I lost self-control. Implant the fact that first of all the vision (eye) sways, then the heart strays and the result of which is known to all of you. All of that started with just a single sight which wrecked my life later. I repented on all my mistakes and I regret I would have a strong grip on my conscience because when you treat it with leniency it takes no time to lead you towards devilish paths. I seek for forgiveness.

Friends! This worldly love is nothing more than a time pass and some transitory feelings and that’s all!!! If you really love a person and want those as your spouse then don’t indulge into “Haram relations” today and hoping that they would turn into “Halal” ones tomorrow. Ask your parents to allow you to marry him/her because without having a Halal relation how can you be so blunt to break the sacred limits set by Allah mighty?

If you have ever been through such a situation then ask for forgiveness because He is always ready to forgive you and shower his blessings upon you. Doing sins today and hoping that you will ask for forgiveness is itself a sin which is unforgiveable. Be realistic in life because your life is not a tableau to entertain others and inculcate this in your mind that there is no market where you can advertise your sorrows. People may enjoy or some may betray you but at the end He is yours. Turn towards Him before its late and you would not be able to say a single word.

Allah Almighty says,

Come and walk on my path, I shall make the rest of worlds yours.

So which deal is better, you have to decide. There may be fun in doing sins but there is no peace in it. Your heart should be that much pure that if the world would see your thoughts and intentions of heart then you don’t have to be shameful in front of anyone. We should try and try because a little good deed is always better than doing nothing and sometimes such intentions becomes the source of your forgiveness by Allah mighty.

Scrutinize your life and see where you are standing? Indulging into haram relations today and hoping that they would turn into halal ones tomorrow. Who promised you tomorrow???


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