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Feelings speechless

Updated on February 15, 2012

Just believe in myself kandırıyormuşum all lies, unless the people. I say the truth in defiance of the most recent since my pride I'm afraid my eyes darken.

My fear is that everyone in this world to be honest liar. I was looking into his eyes, although I love you I hate you diyemiyorsun diyemiyorsam honest you looking at my face. I know he did not like. I feel loved. I love you understand. You see love. Perhaps we both dared to tell the truth, not error bulamamamız, olamamamız brave enough.

I listened to them to proclaim their love for others, others watched sevişmelerini. I could not tell could not tell. These are the years the problem. They are your fault. I know you'll say that if I tell you the truth. Özürlerle loved together. I've tasted for a long time before more than a few taps is not a real disappointment. Easy atlatamadım or have not yet got over. Did not help? Just give me a loving, trusting only to me. I know I want from you is wrong.

There are so many questions in my mind I was wondering that. Bilmediklerim answer what I know or. Not at all, only wanted to hear from you. For example, in a moment, but I loved him as I have loved me Is Is it the way I want it I wanted to wake up every day Is it really not jealous or contrived kind of innate jealousy that devours the heart. Maybe yes, maybe no.

What is important is when you will not know of any feelings. I tell him I'll stay stuck in the past, to desperately as if they eskilerdeymiş whole problem. Do you believe people do not know, but I tell you my find yourself in the possibilities. I close my eyes say I loved him very much. When I turn on again in front of me you're you. The reason is you. Little more magnified in my heart you. In fact, none of these writings imkansızlaştırdığım deserve, and in my eyes for you only.


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