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Female Masks For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

I write a lot about men wearing lingerie, but I have to admit that this was a new one to me. (Though it shouldn't have been, given that I've seen 'Mrs Doubfire' several times and Robin Williams totally wears a female mask in that film.) Men wearing latex masks depicting female features certainly takes wearing women's clothing to the next level. It's like having a female face without having to commit some kind of bizarre 'it puts the lotion on its skin' style of crime, or putting yourself on the list for a face transplant a la the unfortunate french woman whose labrador ate her face off whilst she slept. (Labs will eat anything. Anything.)

Why Do Men Like To Wear Female Masks?

That's an excellent question, and one I had to research. Interestingly enough, the reasons are pretty similar to some of the ones men have for wanting to wear lingerie or other women's clothing.

The mask helps the man to feel more like a lady. His own face is undeniably masculine, testosterone causes a strong jaw, strong brows and in some cases, an omnipresent dark stubble which gives the game away even under heavy make up. When wearing the mask, the man 'becomes' his female alter ego.

So, this men wearing female masks thing is essentially a grown up version of playing dress up and pretend. Whilst many may be initially shocked by this predilection, (for reasons which I elaborate on below), it's essentially no different from putting on a cape and running around making wooshing flying sounds, and who doesn't do that in their spare time?

The Downside

Unlike those in 'Mrs Doubfire', many female masks lack movie quality design. Unfortunately, the technology with which these masks are often made is fairly imperfect, so the masks aren't exactly life like, in fact in some cases, they're kind of terrifying. The soulless dead eyes staring out from the unnaturally smooth visage create an image reminiscent of a doll, or death mask.

Masks can be made with holes for the eyes, or with eyes painted onto the mask. I'm hardly a connoisseur of this particular art form, but if I was going to make a recommendation, I'd go for one with holes where the eyes go. That way you don't get the wide-eyed psychopath stare which is honestly creeping me out a little when looking at some of these masks.

Images and inspiration from Mask On .


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