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Procedures and Costs of Filing for a Divorce in PA

Updated on February 23, 2016

I am so excited to file for a divorce

Five years ago I never would have thought I would be this excited to file for a divorce. I picked up my divorce packet in May, which costs $45. Over the years I have really grown too almost hate my soon to be exhusband. He is so coniving along with his whole family who has never agnoliged my children as there own or me, and I no longer want any ties to him. I could go on and on about what this man and has family has done to me but it does not matter now. I only want a divorce and to be done with them all, although he does not want one, only god knows why. Maybe because he knows he was the one who done me wrong over the years. I informed him he can eithor sign the divorce papers piecefully or I can get a lawyer and sue him for half of everything he sold of mine and my childrens. jeff decided he would sign the papers.

After Picking up the divorce papers and filling them out at the courthouse in Smethport, I had to pay another $130 to turn them back in, and send him a certified copied, one to where he lived, which was in jail at the time and one by regular mail, and keep one copy. Ninty days after I recieved the green card in the mail showing he recieved them. I put everything on hold at this point when my daughter had her premature baby Brionna Levine who was born three months premature. In the beginning of October, I drove back to Smethport and and turn in the rest of the paperwork which they failed to tell me costs another $30. The prothenitarys office said, I would have to wait two weeks to make sure everything was done right and I would recieve something in the mail.

I am checking the mail everyday, hoping to find something that finally says I am divorced. I want to move on with my life with the man who came into my life when I wasnt looking but also when I needed you the most, Charlie.  I love you......


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