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Find a Beautiful Man ANYWHERE!

Updated on February 9, 2013

Here's the Deal

Okay, so I am a little new at this whole guy like guy thing. So, I have never been in any type of relationship and so I guess you can say my advice is for "beginners"...but I guess it really doesn't matter. The simple fact is way fun as a newly "discovered" gay guy to flirt with other guys and get to know them...even if they are straight.

It has nothing to do with being a pervert. It is more about enjoying the beauty and just letting yourself go and feel more comfortable around other people. basically, I totally fell for this guy at the hotel I checked in last night. He had the most beautiful face and eyes...I just could not help myself. What made it even better was my "girlfriend" knew him! So that opened some opportunities for talking. I also came down early in the morning after waking up and just talked with him. I started by asking him a simple question, "Where is a great store with some sheet music around here?" and he told me and before you knew it I gave him my card, found out his name, and discovered that he also plays the saxophone just like me!!

Now was that not fun? It's as simple as that...just ask a simple question or introduce yourself. It really is a lot of fun. Also, tease him a little...but not TOO much or he might think you are a creeper. (Jeepers!)

For me, I simply sat on the furniture in the lobby and wrote about him in my journal. It was SO MUCH FUN to write about him and so I usually don't do this but I will share some of my entry with you to show you how I describe the beauty of a man I find attractive.

"The host at the hotel is SO beautiful. He has an amazingly striking face and a soft voice. Seems like the studious type but could have a good time. I love his beard! It is perfect and his hair jets out the front like a sexy rock star. He is perfect and [insert my friend's name] knows him from one of her friends. I am going to try and talk to him even though he is probably straight. I still crave the attention of a beautiful male. Let get his name!"

Okay, so I talk to him and come back for the grand finale:

"His name is [insert name]. That is so hot! He just gave me a few Tums to help with my stomach ache. And on his way out he came over to my table and shook my hand goodbye. I told him to call or e-mail me. I hope he does!"

I sound like a giddy little school girl! But do you see how easy that is? Just start a simple conversation and go with it. If it gets uncomfortable then just move on. Perhaps I stretched it a bit by asking him if he had a girlfriend, but at least I found out he was single.

You know, sometimes I think to myself: What a wonderful world!

My favorite actor:  Max Thieriot
My favorite actor: Max Thieriot

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