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How to Move Forward Spiritually When a Relationship is Standing Still

Updated on January 19, 2013

Be True to God No Matter What

Keep Your Call to the Covenant

In light of the ongoing trend in our culture to give up and break up often in relationships, I have decided to publish a series of articles to encourage personal growth in difficult situations.

Differences between individuals are normal. Regardless of the styles of our families of origin relationships, new opportunities present themselves to us each day. Whether we find ourselves at an impasse due to unrealistic expectations or the outside influences that can infiltrate subtlely, it often feels like death albeit momentary.

We had our dreams, we embarked on a journey, daring to bare our souls to another who similarly pledged undying, faithful love to the end. Now there is a series of death to the dreams we envisioned, things get complicated, people get possessive, everyone begins to demand their "due".

In such times, money becomes a control medium, whoever has managed to stockpile the most calls the shots, often to the detriment of the less-informed, trusting partner. After all, there was a promise of protection, concern, even death-defying devotion at the onset, was there not?

Life becomes competition rather then compliment, one finds their supremacy through their heavily embellished success, no matter what sacrifice of the relationship has cost. The values flip-flop, the homemaker imagined to have no contribution to the overall welfare or status of the whole.

Possessions are proposed to be pawned, sold and traded with no attachment to sentiment, and many things just disappear into thin air, with no trace of their origin. How is one to go on?

With an eye toward a greater Source, Who is indeed yet watching and waiting to effect and affect the outcome in eternity. You see, it matters not who wins on earth, but who arrives in heaven.

Intact, with the approval of God however tattered and torn by the battles of life and love, it is our souls that remain. All of the skirmishes endured, will be accounted and weighed on a day when no excuse will be sufficient, no "indiscretion" will be pardoned without the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The words and actions, whether harsh, or thoughtful and kind, will be measured on a scale, not of man's meager understanding but before the throne upon which the Almighty waits.

Think not that justification by mouth will be of any consequence, as nothing will remain that does not have substance in the spiritual economy, one of upside-down order. You know, the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Bank accounts will not be able to redeem, nor will false pretense or reasoning provide shelter. Pure, simple truth will be the means, and the escape impossible. Be serious, be intentional, be right, be honest, be fair, these shall be the items on the credit side.

Be mean, be cruel, be thoughtless, heartless, and without the consideration of the Most Holy One and you don't stand a chance. Realize it, repent, turn and do whatever it takes to set things right again before it is too late.

Your life here will be better for it, for there is no sleep better than that of a clean, clear conscience before God. Yes, there will always be a battle going on for the souls of men, but as much as it depends on you, live at peace with all men.

You can't do that apart from God's design. Pray and ask for the assistance you need from heavens richest storehouse of treasures, the eternal kind. Get the grace you need to transcend the offense, and let God use it in the life of someone who will need you when the time comes.

Realign, straighten the crooked paths you have taken, and eventually all will be well. Your presence of mind will return to be utilized the way it was created to be. Certainly the difference will be noticeable, as you are placed back into the flow of the immeasureable abundance of the Holy Spirit

You will stand up tall in your humility, and God will be glorified through your witness. It is then that you will find your place in the most glorious love story, the only one that has completely joyful endings.


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    • SimpleGiftsofLove profile image

      SimpleGiftsofLove 6 years ago from Colorado

      Phdast, thank you so much for your comments. Just when I began to think no one is reading, you provide encouragement. It is my greatest hope to help those who hurt in some way! Blessings to you this fine day!

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      SimpleGiftsofLove - What outstanding spiritual, emotional , and psychological advice. We should all take your words of encouragement and hope to heart. Thank you.