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Finding Yourself Alone On Valentiens Day: What can You Do?

Updated on June 2, 2011

I tend to be quite the romantic and having my birthday also on Valentines Day can be very disappointing when there is no sweet heart in the picture but it doesn't have to be a total loss. Actually Valentines day isn't really about getting but giving and showing someone how much you care about them. I know you want to know that someone cares about you too and I also would like that, no I'd love that but...What I truly miss the most is having that special someone to GIVE something too. So I try to find ways to make someone elses day a bit brighter and in the process mine is made brighter too. So if you find yourself without a sweetheart Valentine here are just a few things you can do to make it a great day not only for yourself but for others who are alone..

Fix a plate of goodies for that elderly neighbor who's lost their spouse.

You could include......

Sandwiches cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Fill mini red cupcake holders with mints, nuts, and candies.

 Add some heart shaped cookies and a few packets of cocoa and/or flavored tea bags.

Call the local hospital to ask if it's ok to bring some treats to the pediatric ward....

Buy prepackaged cookies and candy. (homemade may not be allowed for safety reasons).

Fill small bags with the cookies and candy and throw in some cute valentines or make your own.

Maybe add a small note pad with a pencil so they draw their own Valentines to share with each other.

Visit the local Assisted Living or Nursing home......

Buy a flower and baloon bouquet to set in the commons area for all to enjoy.

Get some inexpensive puzzles, crossword books, and a tin of Valentine cookies for all to share.

 Buy or make some small note cards with a simple thinking about you message and sign it, "From your secret Valentine".  Tie with a ribbon or attach heart shapped stickers and have the staff pass them out to the residents.

Call all your other friends who are single and unattached....

Make a date to get together for a surprise lunch or dinner at a special restaraunt.

Have a Valentine cake made buy the chef or cook and delivered to the table with sparklers on it.

Write a note ahead of time telling each friend what makes them special to you, then roll it up like a scroll and tie with a ribbon.

Present each friend with a small inexpensive gift that suits each one individually like lipstick and perfumed soap for the Diva in the bunch.

A free weeks pass to gym for the fitness junkie or for the guys...

 maybe a funky fun tie for the office.

A fishing lure for the good ole boy.

Or a how to book for a new hobby.

 And how about the kids? As a single mom it's a lot of fun comming up with things for them....Make the whole day full of surprises....

Start out with a Breakfast buffet of heart shaped waffles or panckakes, ( use a cookie cutter). Strawberry or cherry muffins.

 Cranberry juice

Heart shaped sausage patties

Scrambbled eggs with red food coloring added to make them more fun.

Get out the craft supplies and turn them loose on making their own valentines.

Play games and give small prizes.........

Have them make as many words as they can out of "Happy Valentines Day".

Set a timer and have them toss a small pillow around till the timer goes off. One holding the pillow is out etc.

Make cupcakes for them to decorate.

Let them each choose their special food for lunch.

Bring in the pillows and blankets for a slumber party while having a picnic on the floor watching movies to end the day of fun.

Now that you know it's ok and not a total loss to be alone on this day of romance go out and come up with more ways to make it special for someone else. Who knows, in your efforts to make another feel wanted you may just bump into that Valentine you've been waiting for.


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    • AnythingArtzy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from OHIO

      I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine the pain. I hope that this Valentines Day you will be able to reminince without too much sadness. I'll surely remember all three of you in my prayers and thoughts over this.


    • uliveulearn profile image


      8 years ago from Canada

      You are so right. A small gesture of kindness can mean so much. This will be my two grown daughters first Valentines Day without their father who died in March at 46 years of age. He gave his girls a flower every Valentines Day since they were little. This simple tradition is a lovely lasting memory of his love. Thanks for the reminder.


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