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Finding the Power of Forgiveness

Updated on November 18, 2012

Love and Forgive Yourself


Learning to Forgive Through Guided Meditation

We all have room in our hearts to forgive those who, throughout our lives, have caused us both heartache and pain. For some, it is ourselves that we must forgive first before we can begin to forgive others for the wrongs we feel they have committed towards us. This feeling of anger towards another person, whether is it a parent, sibling, friend or lover, can and does cause damage to our health and our psychological well-beings. It steals our energy because we focus on the negative instead of focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. However, with the aid of guided meditation we can overcome the anger and take back the control we need to live a healthy life both psychologically and physically.

There is a reason for the failures we suffer in our lives. Our failures help to teach us how vulnerable we all are. We learn that we are all the same and that we all make the same kinds of mistakes. When we're children, we're ignorant about how relationships work. Therefore, we learn by watching our parents and the people whom we come into contact with. Additionally, we learn by building relationships with our siblings. It's all trial and error on everyone’s behalf. Nevertheless, it's human to feel angry and hurt. But, these emotions do more harm than good. The idea then, is to identify where the anger begins and why it exists. Guided Meditation works by taking the listener on a journey of self-discovery.

Controlling Emotions

The difference between control and command is that to control an emotion is to suppress or restrain it. Commanding an emotion is the act of releasing it in a positive manner. When we control our emotions, we contain them, and release or redirect them partially in either case. Therefore, commanding them is the complete release of an emotion. Anger is an emotion that can hurt the individual that harbors it as much as it harms others outside of us. When we lash out in anger, it is a sign of control because we release it a little bit and our outburst may harm the person we aimed it towards. This causes more anger to be directed back to the source of the outburst... ourselves.

Commanding Our Emotions Through Guided Meditation

Our parents are a big source of mixed emotions in all of us. Because of one reason or another, some of us are either angry with our fathers or our mothers. However, because of this emotion, we act a certain way, or we refuse to treat others correctly. If we can realize why we are angry, and identify what is going on, we may then begin the process of forgiveness. First, we forgive ourselves, and only then, can we forgive others around us. This is how we command our emotions. By finding and identifying the source of the negative energy, such as anger, through guided meditation we can release this negative energy.

Forgiving Your Mother... Healing About Your Mom

Forgiving Your Father: Healing About Your Dad


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