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Finding time for yourself as a working mom

Updated on March 15, 2011

How to find some time for yourself!

As a mother how can you find time for yourself?

As a working mother, it can be challenging to meet all the demands of family, parenting, and work life. Finding a balance is a great idea, but some mothers still find it hard to find solitude. Here are five ways to find time for yourself even if you have to give a little less time to your other duties.

Stop on the way to or from work to take some time for yourself

The first tip is to make a stop on the way to or from work and take time alone. It might be a half hour of reading at the coffee shop or an hour at the gym. You find the time to do what you enjoy without your family along for the ride.

Schedule a time for others to take the kids

The second tip is to schedule a time every week that your husband or another loved one cares for your children. This time can be used for exercise, shopping, going out with friends, or pursuing a hobby. Getting your family to respect this scheduled time every week may take some effort, but your Mommy time is important. 

Help your kids entertain themselves

The third tip is to find a time in your weekend when your children amuse themselves. Again, you can read a book, watch a television show, sew, or work on a scrapbook. Any activity that gets you to relax and unwind while doing something you enjoy helps to refresh your mind and body.

Take a shower at the end of the day

The final tip is to take a hot shower alone at the end of the workday. You might need this time before cooking dinner or before you go to bed. It is a great way to unwind and release stress stemming from the demands on your time. 

As a career woman, a mother, and a wife, you have to make time for yourself. If you run yourself into the ground, the quality of all your relationships will suffer. None of your obligations are worth sacrificing your overall wellbeing.

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