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Fine Faced Friends

Updated on May 8, 2020

Friday the 13th

Annmarie Maroon

This has been on my mind and just have to say something about it. Yesterday one of my Facebook friends ( not telling any names )was asking for money. Said her credit cards were max out and people upstairs did not pay the rent. So I said go get a part time job. Every little bit helps. This is what she said to me FUCK YOU !!! Nice right ? Oh well some people have nerve . Rant over. Getting on with my life ❤️. Oh and one more thing I gave her $ 50.00 a few years back when she was asking for money

Cindy Lou Benigno Sinicropi Wow thats terrible. You definitely said the right thing so dont feel guilty

Kine Fjellheim AM smile emoticon You might have told me who,lol.

Annmarie Maroon Lol

Sandy Thompson That is outrageous! Unfriend that person. I would never send money !!!

Debbie Finch I think I might know who ! LOL. Is it a KK friend?? Hmmn.

Annmarie Maroon Like

Sandy Thompson If it is who I suspect..... I always thought there was some shady going on!!!

Kathleen Gunn Guscott Not very nice ....a part time job would certainly help out.

Dörte Gensky Yup, I saw that too and was probably as mad as you are

Dörte Gensky Annmarie Maroon, no one would talk to me that way

Annmarie Maroon And what would you have done ?

Michele Kirkman block or unfriend her

Dörte Gensky Annmarie Maroon , unfriend I have been unfriended and never been rude

Annmarie Maroon I was not mad. I really feel sorry for her. She is sick I think in the head !

Anne McGuinness Unbelievable, tough lesson to learn. I did it, too, but, helping a guy at the gas station. Offered 25 dollars for gas he seemed honest. Well he stole all the money I had right from my wallet and took off. Called the police ; no help. "Sorry, ma'am, nothing we can do you gave it to him ". I hope you reported her to FAcebook.

Annmarie Maroon No I did not. What good would it do

Sandy Thompson That was a bad thing to happen to you.... You are always so nice so sorry !

Annmarie Maroon Thanks Sandy ♥️

Angel Robinson Some people lack empathy and are just plain rude. I'm sorry this happened to you, Annmarie. You 're a very kind and compassionate person. Too bad that doesn't rub off on this person.

Annmarie Maroon Thank you Angel Robinson

Annmarie Maroon But I can be a bitch too sometimes. Lol

Angel Robinson Ha ha! Well, so can I and everybody else! But being a bitch ALL the time without considering the feelings of other people, well, that's the problem! And that is NOT you. heart emoticon

Annmarie Maroon I was waiting to see if she reads this and un friends

Annette Murphy Oh my God the nurv of some people.

Karyn Bevet It's a tough call for someone like you who has empathy and love for people. You want to help but at the same time not be taken advantage of. You did the right thing.

Annmarie Maroon Thanks ❤️

Diane Darwish People are always asking for money, I think that go fund me thing is bs. I HAVE NONE to give.....

Diane Darwish I could not even ask, but that is me!

Nancy Teter Me neither Diane, I'd probably die first.

Peter Walsh Hey Annemarie thank goodness I only need 20... lols smile emoticon

Andie Hellem I'm sorry that happened. If you were merely making a suggestion that might help the individual dig out of their financial difficulty, they had no right to respond so inappropriately. Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth. Having to face their reality can be difficult. I know that problems with money can usually only be fixed through your own efforts, not by asking others to bail you out time and time again. You did the right thing suggesting a job. It would be the first thing I would have suggested too!

Tiana Dreymor Philanthropy is a blessing to many people, for many issues, including the giver. However, I do not get why people give THOUSANDS of dollars to politicians campaigning for office. This is one thing I like about Trump. He's using his own money.

I just came across this: 'Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.' ~ Thomas Merton

Oh, and one more thing... that $50 spayed or neutered 5 stray cats.










Thank you.

Oh, Boy. It continued.. maybe even Escalated - May 14

Angel Robinson My second job is cleaning a church. Cleaning toilets is better than begging others for money. Cleaner too. I also have animals to feed and care for. That's how you do it, with a job.

Annmarie Maroon I agree

Angel Robinson ❤️

Andie Hellem Angel Robinson That's my point exactly. We all need help with something from time to time and I'm all for that, but asking over and over and over and over gets old. Eventually you have to help yourself.

Annmarie Maroon Andie Hellem so true !

Nancy Teter well I have been trying to decide whether to just keep my mouth shut or say something. but since it is being discussed. I have to pretty much agree Annmarie. But I just wrote this all out and it deleted. ha so maybe that was telling me to keep my mouth shut. Anyway I have to get off now, but if you don't mind later I would like to say something, but I haven't wanted to get kicked out of the Kris group, or lose friends because of this. but I have wanted to say something for sometime now.

Sean P Murphy Try getting a job, I know it helps me & 300 Million other Americans, & it makes you feel good?

Annmarie Maroon Say whatever you want Nancy Teter ♥️❤️♥️

Nancy Teter So Annmarie, I feel as though you spoke your mind on what you felt about all this the other day, And you received a lot of backlash about it. What she said to you wasn't very nice. So I'm not going to let you take it all alone. Ha! No really, I feel pretty much the same way, And I also donated a few times last year. Not a lot. But I don't Have it to be doing so in the first place. But I felt bad you know. I do believe she whole heartedly is using it for her animals, and loves them... But.. that right after that I seen her asking for help to save her home, quite a few times. Now if you are asking for help for your home, then you probably shouldn't be taking on more cats or asking for money. (myself I would die before I would keep asking for money.) People need help sometimes, but like the situation where she has to buy the more expensive food, the more expensive litter and that she doesn't feed certain things, and has the most beautiful animals in the neighborhood because of strict diet. ect... that sort of upset me because she cant afford it and people helping, and really cant afford to be that picky. and I feel (in my opinion) that I was made to feel guilty because I haven't donated in some time. I just don't have it with having my daughter and grandson living here up until recently. Trying to keep up with my own property taxes and responsibilities, and with Doug's death, well I'm still trying to take care of that. And that will be sometime. So I don't have it. And she ask us Why nobody is donating right now. If she has credit cards maxed and having a hard time anyway, I don't feel she should be doing that, or asking, I mean again. and again. I don't know her health or work situation, so I cant say go get a job, because maybe she has physical reasons , or something she cant. and maybe she does need help. also in my opinion, I have heard her say she cant afford health care. at one point was asking for money to pay for spayed and neutering. And I know she had also said that some have passed because she couldn't afford it. I feel that they if she weren't feeding them (especially outside ones. then they wouldn't hang out there, maybe they wouldn't be in that situation and would get help or care. ) I don't want animals to starve, but they would maybe get better help or chances. there asre a lot of reasons for that, but this is already long. ha. Anyway if it has been this long, and she still needs help herself, it isn't fair to the animals either if she cant afford them. And last I don't like the way she talks to some people. (including myself sometimes. , It is hurtful and mean. But that could just be the way it comes across to me. I didn't want to lose friends because of this. and I love the Kris group, but I will probably be kicked out now! I think it is time to find someone who can maybe take care of the cats and get back to trying to take care of herself without begging for help for both her home and her animals too. Nice that she wants to do it. but not right..

Nancy Teter Sorry for the book, but you all know me, once I get going!

Annmarie Maroon That's ok Nancy Teter you can say anything you want on my wall and as long as you want it ... I just think she is lazy and crazy and I'm not afraid to say it !

Nancy Teter Yes, I figured I better not go any further with that part. And some will probably disagree, but that is okay. Ive tried to be nice and keep my mouth shut a long time . And sometimes I'm just not really sure how to take her. ( and you cant hear someone's tone on the computer, but even on the kris site, sometimes I fee she isn't very nice to people but maybe it was just me. . Welp I've probably done enough damage here.

Annmarie Maroon She is mean to a lot of people ... Not a nice person... That's all I have to say

Sandy Thompson I agree she is mean spirited and acts like she is entitled to donations! I unfriended her years ago because she was often hateful for no reason.


After I finished posting these latest comments, I kept thinking I should make a rebuttal. I kept wondering 'what can I say to make anyone understand the reason for asking over and over?' Well, the animals keep eating over and over. But no one understands this is a charitable act. They think nothing of animal rescues asking for donations... They exist on them. All but one of these animals are strays. Hello. Do I only feed one?

Okay. Something kept telling me I already wrote about this, and I have in more than one article on these Hub Pages. I finally decided to show you the letter I wrote to Dr. Wayne Dyer just before he died. Maybe that will give you some understanding of where I'm at.

God Bless Us All


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