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First Date Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Updated on July 23, 2009

Men often suffer a disconnect between their mind and their mouths when it comes to first dates. I’ve already done an article on 5 Things Men Shouldn’t Say On a First Date, so I won’t repeat them. I will, however, stay on theme. In the last couple of months, I’ve had some ridiculous dating experiences – some which simply cannot go unmentioned. The men with whom I was conversing were highly educated and a bit on the wealthy side. I’m starting to think I’d be better off with an intellectually stunted poor man.

Five Big Mistakes:

  • Talking about money ad nauseum. An Englishman I’d only just met went on and on and on and on about money throughout our conversation. Actually, it was more his conversation, but that’s a different mistake. I like money as much as the next person, but if I’m getting to know you, I’d rather hear about you.

  • Talking so much, the only thing your date fantasizes about is you shutting up. I love a man who enjoys a good conversation – but, damn it, shut up once in awhile. It’s supposed to be a conversation, not a lecture. The last thing I want to do is sit there and be talked at. And if you’re talking that much, it’s a sign you don’t really give a toss about me, anyway – or you’d have asked my opinion of the many, many topics you’ve just spent the last three hours dominating.

  • Talking about irrelevant people your date couldn’t care less about. On my last date, the man actually spent ½ of the time telling me stories about couples he knows – couples I have no interest in, as I’ve just met this man, and his mates are perfect strangers to me. Now, if it’s your best friend, or if you just want to tell me a story about ONE couple – hell, maybe even two – great, go ahead. But 5 or 6 couples? Get real!

  • Asking the same question 50 times in hopes of getting an answer. Even if we’ve known each other for years, you’re going to annoy me if you keep asking a question I refuse to answer. If you’ve only just met me, you get two chances to learn how to change the topic – without trying to be sneaky and come back to it when you think I’m liquored-up enough. No one likes a nag!

  • Running down the list of all the women you’ve been with. I know, it’s hard to imagine – but truly, women don’t want to hear about your previous conquests. If you feel compelled to mention one specifically, I suppose some women will tolerate it. But no one wants to hear about each chick you dated all the way back to the 9th grade, ok? Believe me, there are more.. I’ll get round to mentioning them in the future. For now, ladies, be glad you don’t date the men I get stuck dating! And men, don’t be one of these men

xx Isabella


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