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First Impressions: the key on how to have a successful good positive relationship or date.

Updated on September 13, 2015

Why are important the first impressions?

The importance of the first impressions in this days is really specific and necessary, it doesn't matter if you're going out in a date or going to a job interview or you just meet someone new, in each case each person will be building the impression about you. You're going to leave a mental mark or image in each person you meet, this image is very simple actually, it's a good impression or a bad impression, but How do I get a good impression when I really need one?

In this case is really important a psychological phrase: "Imagen a priori", it's the Latin for " the early image" in other words it's the first impression you are giving to other people, and this image is built by experience and personality, it's a combination of yourself, and sometimes you can be a really good candidate, but maybe you get nervous or make a little mistake in answering a question, this can affect the final product making a misunderstanding in your first impression.

First of all, we need to make it clear, there're no second chances when leaving a first impression, this means that if you make a mistake or wasn't really prepared for the interview you'll need to work harder to clear/clean that image of yourself with that person.

Also, in this days the famous stereotypes are an important part in accepting or rejecting someone in the first impression, this is key when going to a job interview or a date, because you will make an impact instantly by having tattoos or piercings or with dyed hair, so many stereotypes and so many ideas in the industry. Keep it simple and clean, don't be a walking extravaganza, be yourself and be proud of yourself.

First impressions count.


How to create a good impression?

There're several tips that you can learn and put in action when trying to leave a nice impression, for some people this tips are obvious but it's amazing how for some people this tips are not present.

The next tips for building a nice impression are:

  • Time. Never be late to an appointment or job interview, it's the most common mistake and in my opinion the worst one, because you will leave the impression of not being serious in the relationship or making a commitment with the job. Learn from the Japanese, they have an amazing sense of time, it's weird when they arrive late and if they do arrive late, they call earlier notifying the delay, for them the time is precious and it's considered an offense if this is not taken seriously.
  • Introduction. The first words, this words need to be your cover letter, saying a confident greeting with a good smile and obviously mentioning your name, this will be the start of the contact line in the conversation, this is the point where you need to watch the interviewer or your date and knew what is the best strategy for you to take.
  • Presentation. You don't need to be a super model to go to an interview or date but it would be of great help if you take a shower and put on some formal clothes, sometimes this can be helpful but not all the time, if you're not aspiring to be an actor/actress or a super model then this is not the most important tip; the interviewer or your date will be looking for something else attitude, personality, abilities, capacities, etc. This doesn't means that you can go to a job interview in trousers or swimsuit, be yourself but be formal, leave a higher impression of what you're looking, you want to leave the impression of being a future boss/leader not to be a lazy worker.
  • Charisma. Not everyone have this point, but at least you can smile and answer properly the questions they ask you, maybe you don't need to be emphatic with you interviewer because you're going to be showing your abilities but don't make the interview tedious, in the case of a date it's important to be emphatic with your date, this will help you building a relation and making a fluid conversation.
  • Smile. You don't need to be the Joker of the Batman series, but at least a soft smile will be useful to leave a good impression, a sincere and confident smile will leave the impression of open and charismatic. Smile once and then the others will be smiling, this will ease the conversation.
  • Eye contact. Very important tip, you need to keep the eye contact with the person you're talking, this will make you look like a secure individual and will make a connection with the other person, leaving you with an easy and sincere interview/chat. Many interviewers are trained in body language and this is important for them, be careful with the eyes, they're the window of the soul, if you can look a person in the eyes this means that you're insecure and maybe hiding something.
  • Attitude. Always add something of your persona to the answers, this will leave a good impression because you're not afraid of who you're, you want to do something or be with someone because you are confident and can be original and creative.
  • Relax-Be yourself. Relax, breath techniques can be very helpful and try to think that you already succeeded in the interview or date, this will help you physically and mentally, and also failing a job interview or making a mistake in a date isn't the end of the world, you will have more chances. Be yourself and leave your personal signature in every person you meet.
  • Job Interview. Research a little about the role of the company, never go to a job interview without knowing what the company does, this will help you in building a first impression with commitment, something really important to a company.

Do you apply this tips in your life?

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Cleaning a Bad Impression.

It's really hard to remake a good first impression, it requires a lot of work and perseverance, but I can give you some tips to overcome this bad impressions:

  • Learn from your mistakes. You can easily recognize what you did wrong, try to improve it the next time, and be more creative, don't use the same strategy always, sometimes you need to leave your comfort zone.
  • Be positive. You need to be positive from this experience and overcome it, don't suffer from this and try to give a little more the next time, smile and be yourself. The right job or date is near.
  • Stop being something you're not. Don't try to leave an unreal impression, this will be bad for you, because you will be taken as fake and false sincere, leaving an impression of necessity and bad adaptation.
  • Let it go. If you couldn't clear the make impression, let it go, something better is around the corner just wait for it. Don't suffer and don't punish yourself for it. Be happy and live your life the best way possible.

How to impress video.

In the next video of the tips in First Impressions from Alexa Fischer is really useful in instructing about the first impressions with people and what are a good ways to impress someone before, what do you need, and how to apply it.

About the Author.

My name is David Zermeño and I hope you learned or reaffirm your strategies about your image in a job interview or in a date.

Please give feedback if you consider this Hub good, this will help me to keep a good quality Hub going in interesting subjects. Also feel free to comment and leave some extra tips and your personal experiences.

Thank you and make a nice impression.


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    • Dvd Zermeno Perez profile image

      David Zermeño 4 years ago from Mexico

      Thanks for sharing your comments, I appreciate them a lot. I will continue doing this kind of Hubs of social interest. I hope you liked it, and wait for more.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very nice and well presented hub! It will be useful to many, as a self improvement article. Self improvement is a continuous process and there is always scope for further improvement. In this case making a lasting and impressive first impression.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Voted up!

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Great job. Keep sharing. Voted up.