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First Lesbian Transmission of HIV

Updated on March 17, 2014
The HIV virus
The HIV virus

In a new study released from the Center of Disease Control, the first reported and confirmed case that showed the HIV virus was transmitted between two lesbian women. Although, it is still rare because there is no semen fluid carrying it, the two women who were in a relationship and one carrying the HIV virus, infected her partner.

The genetic tests confirmed the virus was passed from one partner to the other. At some point, the HIV person who infected the other, had sex with man with the virus, or drug injection or blood transfusion. The circumstances in this case were unique, the Texas couple frequently had sex without any protection. Lesbians tend to forget this need. It was discovered that the lovers had mingled blood while using rough toys and rough sex. In addition, and had sex during menstruation. HIV can be found in vaginal fluid and all blood sources.

Now, most lesbians "in the know" are aware that the possibility exists for HIV to be transmitted between them. It seems like common sense if one partner is infected. In this case, the infected woman was unaware she had HIV. She had gone to a hospital emergency room with flu-like symptoms. The routine blood test was negative on an antibody test. Eighteen days passed when she returned for routine blood tests because her flu like conditions remained. This is when she tested positive in 2012. The CDC analyzed the DNA of the viruses from each women and the gene sequences matched. Having unprotected sex today is really just stupid, even if you think everyone is HIV free. Or, having it with someone who is HIV infected. However, many lesbians feel immune to this issue because the percentage of this happening is small.

Normal penetrative sex for women or men who have sex with men can spread HIV, but the woman in this story had stopped taking her HIV medication (increasing her viral load), they increased the likelihood of vaginal tears with rough sex.

To most lesbians, this news is old news. HIV in general has taken a back seat in many peoples minds because there are so many promising avenues for the cure or vaccine and people feel this is a done deal. In addition, most people are able to live long lives after infections. But HIV remains dangerous, antibody tests can have a “window period,” usually one to three months, during which a newly infected person can test negative because antibodies to the virus have not yet formed. During this time, they have sex and infect others by error.


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    • jlpark profile image

      Jacqui 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Whilst lesbians are still at the lowest risk of transmission, this proves that no one is safe from HIV. It serves as a reminder to us all - gay, lesbian, straight - to be vigilant and careful in our lives

      It can, and does, happen to anyone. Disease is an equal opportunity employer.

      Thank you for sharing this story, if even just to remind us all to be careful, regardless of who or how we love.