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First Loves....Cursed Loves.....

Updated on October 18, 2009


First loves...cursed loves??




I find comfort in the fact
that others mourn first loves
long since dissolved
in the mists of time.

I moved away from my childhood sweetheart,
she was stunning, and we were so in love,
worshipping the seasons
with kisses of frosted breath,
or in between bites of pumpkin pie,
when tulips pressed red and pale pink,
above the soft grass
and as coconut scented oils
mingled in the swoon of June.

One wishes they could
have tracked her down,
and tried to be her everything,
but fate moves mountains
insurmountable in front of those
who seek a path to the past.

There are some loves
that can never die,
they become the goosebumps
on your skin after that special kiss,
and the quiver in your smile
when someone whispers I love you.

They linger in the sunsets,
and in the moonbeams,
teasing others to build
such a bond, an attachment,
umbilical like but far more
sensuous and everlasting.



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