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Five Inexpensive Dates that A Woman Will Love

Updated on November 12, 2016

Five Inexpensive "Perfect" Dates

  • Cook a disastrous dinner for her
  • Day Trip to nowhere
  • Pick a place from one of her childhood memories
  • A walk on the beach at night
  • If she really loves animals, a visit to the local zoo or a pet shop

A lot of men seem to go overboard when trying to impress a woman on a date. They take women to expensive restaurants, dress up in their best suits, even surprise women with expensive gifts. Most women (with the exception of gold-diggers) appreciate more subtle gestures than a display of wealth. Here are five ideas for an inexpensive date that women will love.


1. Cook a disastrous dinner for her

The dinner doesn't necessarily have to be disastrous, but if a man can't cook but he makes an effort to cook anyway, a woman will really appreciate the gesture. I once had a man make me breakfast--a turkey sausage, onion and cheese omelet. It was the worst omelet that I'd ever had in my life--the sausage was cold and there were way too many large onion chunks--but it was so romantic because I could see that he was trying to impress me. I ate it and pretended that it was delicious (making sure to discreetly take out the large onion chunks).

Showing up on her lunch break (in a non-stalkerish sort of way) and surprising her with a sandwich and drink could also accomplish the same thing. It is the fact that the man is thinking of her that impresses her.


2. Day trip to nowhere

This inexpensive date requires only two things: a tank of gas and a couple of sandwiches. Take your lady on a drive across the state for a day. Stay off of the interstate--the idea is to sight-see. The best way to do this is to take "back-roads" or routes through tiny towns that no one has ever heard of. Stop at several places--an old, abandoned house that looks at least a century old. Maybe you'll find a beautiful lake with lots of ducks and/or fish. If you're in the south, it is very possible (and likely) that you will pass by farms with beautiful horses. Take a camera and take lots of pictures with the two of you, using the scenery as background. Not only is this a great date, but you'll have momentos to look at in the future that will always bring back the romance that you experienced on the date.

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3. Pick a place from her childhood memories

This is an idea that I got from watching the popular show "Bones". Here is a quick summary: At work, after having to study the remains of a young pageant contestant, an emotional Angela had mentioned that the girl should have been spending her childhood playing on swings rather than competing in pageants and later being shoved into a drain pipe. Hodgins had previously asked her to go on a date with him and when Angela finally accepted, he asked her where she wanted to go. She replied that it was up to him since he was the one who invited her. The date ended up being in a park at night where they "played" on the swings. It was very romantic and he didn't spend any money!

Women really appreciate when men listen to them. Find out a place that is special to her--something that has some sort of meaning and take her there. Simply spend time together and have fun. It really is one of the most perfect dates.

4. Take a walk on the beach at night

This is a classic--two couples walking along the beach barefoot, holding hands, maybe running after each other. The beach is a place where people can be free and relax. The scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh, and there aren't very many distractions so the couple can really focus on each other. Going at night can virtually cut the distractions down to none. The soothing sound of the waves are very romantic and the environment automatically puts people in a good mood. This doesn't require any money, aside from a tank of gas.

Original photo, taken at the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, SC
Original photo, taken at the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, SC

5. If she is into animals, visit the zoo or a pet shop

Going to the zoo is very inexpensive and going to a pet shop is free (unless you decide to adopt a furry little critter into your family). Animals are so cute and fun, and because most women have a nurturing type of personality, most women love animals. At the zoo, people get to see strange and wonderul animals and learn a lot of new things. Although a woman can't necessarily hold the animals, she can pet some of them or even feed some of them, making the experience very interactive. Similarly a pet shop can offer the same experience with a smaller variety of animals, and women can actually hold and cuddle the animals. Experiences such as this puts a woman in a good mood as well as makes her happy which indicates that she is really enjoying the date.

The most important thing to remember when taking a woman on a date is to make it memorable. Anyone can sling around their wealth, but women like to know that you are listening to them and that you are willing to go the extra mile to make them feel special. So save your wallet and go get your girl!

Riverbank Zoo, Columbia, SC

A marker500 Wildlife Pkwy, Columbia, SC 29210 -
500 Wildlife Parkway, Columbia, SC 29210, USA
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    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 2 years ago

      Cute ideas! I like the one about taking her someplace from her childhood memories. Very thoughtful; I had never thought about that one.

    • madscientist12 profile image

      Dani Alicia 2 years ago from Paterson, NJ


    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Always love ideas to save some green.

      Great hub!

    • profile image

      translater 3 years ago

      Nice advices indeed, thanks for sharing this great article with us.

    • madscientist12 profile image

      Dani Alicia 3 years ago from Paterson, NJ

      @Hackslap You sound like a romantic guy!

    • Hackslap profile image

      Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Ive used the long drive on the back roads and the walk on the beach ... its nice to read a woman's perspective now that it proves I was right :)