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Five Reasons You're Not With the Woman of Your Dreams

Updated on October 1, 2015
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As a published author and playwrite now based in China Ava blogs across various platforms.

Ready for Love

Even the most cynical of us are secretly looking for love.

Maybe there is some truth in that saying 'better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.'

But if you're wondering why true love still hasn't come your way and why that lovely lady you've been thinking about still hasn't noticed you, maybe it's time for a few gentle, home truths.

Looking Good
Looking Good | Source

What Can You Do?

Are you doing everything you can to get ready for love?

I'm talking about appearances, are you pleasing on the eye?

You don't have to have a wardrobe full of designer clothes but what you do have should look good on you.

And what about everyday commonsense things like good manners and being considerate of others, are these high on your list?

They should be, because ladies are impressed by the little things.

Practical Tips

Is there room in your life for Ms Right or are your days and nights cluttered with work, meetings and nights out with the guys?

Your new lady shouldn't have to fight for space on your calendar, no-one wants to feel that they are bottom of the list.

Or maybe you're just too shy to approach the woman you like.

You don't have to suffer in silence. There are so any resources to help you shift out of this state. Many of them free. Google or YouTube could be your best coach towards gaining confidence. As long as you put the advice to practical use.

When it's not right, leave it alone
When it's not right, leave it alone

Good Ideas to Move You in the Right Direction

In the meantime read the suggestions below and take the poll. Enjoy the journey and don't give up.

1) You're looking for love in all the wrong places.

Adult chat-rooms and phone lines are not the place to meet the woman of your dreams, trust me on this.

They are what they are, nothing more and nothing less.Simply a place where the word 'fantasy' carries a lot of weight.

The woman who's just right for you is living in the real world of bills, jobs, children, friendships and hope.

The same world you spend most of your time in too.


2) You don't really believe that she exists.

This kind of makes sense because if you don't believe that she's out there, then how can you find her?

If you've created a perfect make-believe woman who, indeed, cannot possibly exist then its time to get real.

Ms. Perfect; perfect figure, perfect hair, perfect smell, perfect cook, etcetera, is only a figment of your imagination whereas Ms Perfect-For-You does exist and she's probably looking for you too.

3) You secretly believe that she's too good for you.

That may not be a bad thing as long as you don't let that belief run away from you.

Punching a little bit above your weight and having a tiny fear that one day the other person will realise it, tends to make you value, appreciate and care for what you have even more.

4) You secretly believe that you're too good for her.

What makes you so special?

Do girls swoon as you float past them riding on a sense of your own glory? Of course not and it's no wonder you're alone. Come back down to earth and mingle with us normal folk.

You'll never find the woman of your dreams if you don't get over yourself.


5) You think it's too late.

If you think it is, then it is,.

Were you tongue tied when you had a chance to speak to her because of nerves? Did someone else make a better impression? Did you take her forgranted until one day she got tired of waiting?

These sad circumstances don't have to mean the end.

Try again but if she's not available or not interested then look around; who else could make you happy if you just gave them a chance?

What Do You Think?

There's one true love for everyone

See results


Many people believe that here's a perfect partner for everyone, do you? Take my poll


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    • wicked_lover profile image

      wicked_lover 5 years ago from New England

      Bottom line .... it's all in the way one thinks. Change the way you think about yourself and relationships and wonderful things will happen. What we believe about Life and about ourselves becomes true for us. So think good thoughts.

      We are the only thinkers in our mind. No one can tell us what to think or what not to think. And there is no reason to keep thinking thoughts and holding onto believes that no longer serve us. So let them go. It's okay to rid yourself of out-dated thoughts and beliefs.