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Five Reasons to Date A Geek

Updated on June 21, 2011

So, your perfect beau might actually be a closet Trekkie! You've fallen for a guy who speak more languages than you - and they're all programming languages. Or maybe you're on the prowl and you're thinking of trading in that old jock for a new, sleek-geek-chic model. Whatever the reason, here are the five reasons to think about keeping that nerd around.

5. Geek Chic

Haven't you heard? Geeks are cool now. It's called geek chic, and it's taking over. Because in the mid-90's, the geek dominated the internet scene, and now everyone's on the internet, it's like an infection. Back in the day, only nerds picked up HTML, but now, everyone knows a little, just to get by. World of Warcraft is mainstream, The Big Bang Theory is one of the most watched shows on TV, and more comic book movies are coming out every year. You might as well face it; they're taking over. So head on over and buy that retro Mario t-shirt at Target and grab your sweetie's hand. You two can be cool together. (Or not-cool, as the case may be.)

4. Outside the Box

You have to give them that geeks certainly don't really care what people think of them. And because of that, they don't really conform to gender stereotypes or societal ideals. That means, ladies, that your man isn't going to ignore you to "watch the game" or make you fix him some nachos. He's probably a really sweet and sensitive guy, which your last 'macho man' wouldn't even touch with a stick. And guys, don't think your girl is going to content to just do her nails while you play Xbox anymore. No way; that geek girl with pick up the controller and kick your butt! So be prepared for something totally different with your geek. He's probably just as likely to freak out about a spider as you, but hey, at least he won't make fun of you!

3. Hopelessly Devoted

Geeks are incredibly devoted people. In fact, one of the definitions of geeks is "someone who devotes themselves to a topic in a way that makes he or she abnormal." (And anyone who enjoys doing math. I mean, really?) Sci-fi geeks, anime geeks, even cooking geeks - they all have the same thing in common, and that is their single minded obsession with whatever they might be interested in. And this isn't a flavor of the week type obsession either. These people continue to love their fandoms or subjects for years and years. So think about it. If they can devote that much time to something that can't even love them back, how much time could they devote to you? Geeks mate for life.

2. It's All About the Benjamins

You've heard it your whole life: don't beat up that nerd, because he might one day be your boss! That's because in the end, it's the GEEKS who inherit the Earth. So connecting yourself to a geek early on might not be a bad idea. They almost always have interests that will lead them to money filled, super productive lives, right? So what if he watches anime all day and has never had a job. He probably has more of an understanding of theoretical physics than your science teacher at community college, right? Exactly. It's like real estate. If you invest, eventually it'll pay out. You just have to wait.

1. You're Not That Cool

That's right. The bottom line is that if you like a geek - whether you're newly falling for your local dungeon master, or just now finding out that your long term significant other has the entire collection of Star Wars novels (can I borrow those, by the way?) there's no reason to throw him or her away just because of a label. We're all geeky about something, even if it's sports or philosophy. Maybe you're the foremost expert on hotdogs. No matter what, you're a geek about something. And that person you like is pretty cool underneath glasses and the jokes you don't understand, otherwise you wouldn't have fallen for them. So suck it up, dude. You're just not that cool that you can throw away true love.


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    • suregeek profile image


      7 years ago from

      Great article! Love the "pwn" in the last image! I'm such a geek!

      I write about geeks too!

    • GypsyDiver profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Thank you very much!

    • manthy profile image


      8 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Cool Hub - You are a very unique writer & I wish you the best


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