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Berton Braley's Five Romantic Poems For The Wife

Updated on June 14, 2013
Love and Poetry go hand in hand.
Love and Poetry go hand in hand. | Source

Become a Better Romantic With Simplistic Poetry

There comes a time in every relationship were the guy gets into trouble of doing something that displeases his woman.

Unfortunately, many guys are not the romantic type nor do many have any interest in poetry.

Berton Braley is there to rescue the guys out of this mess.

It is through his simplistic get right to the point you desire to deliver to your significant other..

There is no need to have an English Degree to understand these poems as they are not involved in design or content.

These five poems can be used by any man, single, boyfriend, engaged, or married. The situations the poems can depend on the stage of the relationship. All will help the unromantic man become a romantic if the timing is right and have her weeping and kissing you.


A Poem To The Wife Showing How Much She Means To You

To The “Wife” is the most beautiful poem you can say to your wife. This poem will cheer her up and will certainly let her know just how much you truly love her.

There are two situations this verse can be used in by the husband. The first is to be used as an apology for some matter. The manner of delivery should be one were you come home from work with some flowers and when she gets home, or if she is already there, present her with the flowers and recite the poem.

If you just want to surprise her call over to her work and schedule a lunch date. The husband could also deliver flowers to her work with the poem attached, and perhaps an opening line of like “I’m sorry I ever made you feel that way.”

Do it which ever way you think is best and you are most comfortable in pursuing. In addition, do it a day or two after the argument because she will not be expecting it then. This will make it more of a surprise and also let her know that her accusations struck a chord.

Alternatively, if you just want to express your universal love for her and surprise her then just send the poem with some flowers.

The important matter with this poem, and when not delivering it in an apologetic setting, is to surprise her out of the blue with the delivery of flowers and the poem. Her heart will race and tears fill her eyes letting her know how much you love her.

The One Talent By Berton Braley

If I were but a painter
I'd make your picture, dear,
In hues which grow no fainter,
But brighten year by year;
And if I were a singer
With voice that caroled true,
That voice would be the bringer
Of notes of love to you!

And if I were a player
Behind the footlights' blaze,
In graver scenes or gayer
My lines should speak your praise;
A poet or a writer
I'd pen your glory, too;
A soldier or a fighter-
The fight should be for you!

But I'm so ordinary,
So plain and commonplace,
I know no way to vary
The praises of your grace;
My ways of turtle-doving
Are simple, tried and few,
My only art is lover-
And all my love's for you!

A Poem For Every Man To Cheer Her Up

The next poem is one that will help any guy with their romantic endeavors is called “The One Talent.” The beauty of this poem is that it paints the picture of the guy who is seemingly untalented.

After going through a laundry lists of matters were the man lacks talent, the one talent he does have is finally discussed, and that is his talent as lover and all that love is for her.

This poem is more suitable also for a vocal address to the woman instead of it being addressed in a letter or with flowers.

Though it is still suited for the other if you think you aren’t comfortable enough to deliver it in person and fear stumbling over the words.

Yet, the greatest effect will come from if it is spoken to her while looking into her eyes and even better if it can be memorized and recited in soft, soothing, and passionate tones.

Poetry is like a Beautiful Rose


A Poem For When She is Concerned About Her Looks.

Every man has had those moments when his love just does not feel happy about her looks. She will say, such things as, “I look plain,” “My hair is horrible,” “These clothes do not fit right,” and on and on it can continue. Guys being guys and sometimes quite insensitive have no escape from this problem or will say the wrong thing and get into real hot water!

A Regular Girl” is the following poem and will help when these situations arise. The title is deceiving until reading the poem. It starts by questioning what is a “regular” girl. The second stanza is where the complexity begins. It praises the “regular” girl with the praises coming on strong. This continues into the first half of the third stanza.

The poem ends how a “regular” girl makes for a “regular” wife and a “regular” mother. The use of the word regular and its capitalization are stating “regular” means the exact opposite, a regular girl is beautiful.

This poem is suitable with some flowers to brighten up her day while at work. There should also be a simple one line opening as well that comes from you before the poem. The opening should of course be sensitive enough so that it does not offend, but letting her know that you are aware that she has some concern for how she looks and that it does not matter to you.

Some possible openings could be: “Your “regular”/Regular beauty is what I love about you,” or, “No other Regular girl can compare with you.” The use of this poem is suitable for married, engaged, or truly serious couples. The wrong message can be read into the poem with its current ending if only started dating. Below is a provided alternate ending to the poem.

An Alternate Ending:

And--a Regular Girl makes the Regular Strife
Of a Regular Day all the better as well.

Negation by Berton Braley

Dear Lady, I don't mind admitting to you
That my heart greatly trembled and shook at
The first time you happened to come to my view,
You were awfully hard not to look at!

Your manner was modest, I know that it was,
But your eyes were so brightly alert with
Sheer fun, that I flirted a little because
You truly were hard not to flirt with.

Then later acquaintance proved this very plain
Which all who have known you agree with,
To get on without you was sorrow and pain;
You were terribly hard not to be with.

So though I have struggled to keep my heart whole
It seems to be useless, and therefore,
I've fallen in love with you, body and soul,
You are frightfully hard not to care for.

I'd resolved I'd remain in a bachelor's state,
I thought I was cautious and wary,
Yet I march to the altar with manner elate,
You're impossibly hard not to marry!

A Poem to Use for The Perfect Engagement Night

You have been dating your love for a while, and she is the one. You buy an engagement ring to put on her finger. You need to ask the question in a memorable and loving way.

Beyond the usual questions as far as to when and where you are going to ask her to be your partner, you do not want to screw this up and look like a fool. It can be a tremendously tense affair hoping she says yes.

You need the time to be perfect and romantic for her so she will remember it for the rest of her life and your future lifetime together.

Thankfully, the next poem, “Negation,” fits perfectly for this situation. This poem covers the different feelings and affections a man has for a woman that led him up to that point of life.

Of course with all poetry, and in particular this example, the manner of delivery is essential. You want to surprise her so when the time is right tell her, “I have a poem I would like to read to you.”

Read the poem to her emphasising the words with a passionate voice and pull out the ring the moment you reach the last stanza. The effect should be monumental.

The Wedding Day

Berton Braley's The Recipe is the perfect poem for married couples.
Berton Braley's The Recipe is the perfect poem for married couples. | Source

A Poem For Anniversaries or the Wedding Day

The following poem can be used either on the wedding day or for an anniversary. This poem is “The Recipe.” This poem details the recipe have a relationship lasting a lifetime. This is what marriage is about. The poem consists of six stanzas with the first talking about just an ordinary love that can fade away.

The five remaining stanzas informs the reader the recipe of success. There is always a give and take couples must endure. This poem uses an indirect voice. Three circumstances suit the purpose of this poem. The first is as a set of vows for couples.

Next is at the wedding reception. After the speeches are giving by the best man and bridesmaid, you thank the two for the wonderful speeches. Then state you wish to read something to your new wife. A grand opening could also be, "Honey, today we start a lifetime together, and I would like to read a poem.”

The last instance is adding to your wedding photo or an engraving to hang on the wall. Have this poem incorporated next to the photo of your wedding day using it as a constant reminder of the recipe to last a lifetime with one another.


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