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Five Ways to Identify a God Fearing Man for a Husband

Updated on November 11, 2017
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Judith was a victim of self-torture for over a decade. She enjoys helping people alienate themselves from self-torture through sharing.

The Bitter Truth

Many ladies have been duped, right inside their churches and ended up with con men masquerading as God-fearing men for husbands. The unfortunate thing is that the true identity of such men gets to the limelight after you have already taken your vows. Instead of enjoying your marriage, your pillow permanently gets soaked with tears. You wish you had remained single instead.

Take a Look at Joy’s Intriguing True Story

God-fearing, humble, friendly and charming were some of the words anyone around Joy would use to refer to her.

Joy was an active church member, worked for an airline and traveled the world a lot. At twenty-nine, she already lived in her own three bed-roomed bungalow.

I loved to compare the taste of buns, cakes, and cookies from other countries anytime she returned home.

Joy was an orphan, therefore, lived with her two little siblings and provided for all their needs.

Joy meets the love of her life

There is this perception that the church is the best place to find a husband. Excitement overwhelmed Joy when Dan proposed. He presented himself as a God-fearing man and authenticated it by attending church services every Sunday.

And yeah! They wedded after about one year of courtship.

Dan moved into Joy’s house since he lived in rented apartments.

When she was about to deliver their first child, Dan asked Joy to send her siblings to the village claiming they compromised his privacy.

Mathew 7:21 best describes Dan’s character. “Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do what my father in heaven wants them to do.”

She looked at him straight in the eye and asked “Did I not tell you we are orphaned? Who will take care of them in the village?”

Dan did not answer and did not bother to soothe her as she sobbed, he was just mute.

Now hear what I told Joy

You have taken your vows, Dan and your siblings are both parts of you now. The best you can do is to politely let Dan know that you are now a mother of your siblings. They have nobody else to look up to.

Secondly, strike a balance. Send your siblings to boarding institutions. That leaves them with only three months out of twelve in a year to interact with your husband since you can’t erase the fact that he dislikes their presence in your home.

Thirdly, let Dan know that he has to live with your siblings during holidays until they become self-reliant.

Well, it worked but disqualified Dan as a God-fearing man and of course, changed Joy’s opinion about him!

All the while, Dan knew Joy’s siblings lived with her.

Why the drastic change?

A God-fearing man? No, can’t be.

Forgive me for thinking Dan got attracted to Joy because of her stability. It’s the human mind, just hear my plea.

The Five Qualities of a God-fearing Husband

God-fearing is a large term that encompasses a variety of qualities. As human beings, we may lack some of them, but the way one handles issues is a reflection of how vast his knowledge is about the God-fearing hat he wears.


A God-fearing man will always have a viable solution to tackling a problem. If he suggests that you quit your job, he probably will support you in setting up a business. That may apply in a case where you are already married. He wouldn’t just leave you hanging like in Joy’s case above.

You stop doing one good thing and switch to another good thing.


He is composed and looks at things from a broader perspective.

He asks for your opinion in a case where he has to do something that involves you. Humility and dialogue are intertwined for as long as more than one person gets involved.

He is not dictatorial and respects your views.


Very often we have mistaken a responsible man for a nagging man. A man who calls to find out if you’re already home safely may just be caring! He cares what you feel about his actions and feels sorry when he hurts you.


An open man loves to know you in detail and answers your questions with confidence without wondering why you asked the question in the first place. He is okay with meeting you anywhere anytime.


No matter how much you may annoy him, he gets upset but contains his anger and deals with it almost immediately. He understands that you are not perfect and does not keep reminding you of previous mistakes.

Now Take This Home

You’ve got to be God-fearing to be able to identify a God-fearing man.

God gave everyone some bit of wisdom but adds more to those who fear Him.

James 1:5; But if any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all.

It is only through wisdom that you can distinguish real from fake.

Proverbs 1:7; to have knowledge, you must first have reverence for the Lord. Stupid people have no respect for wisdom and refuse to learn.

Now, do you agree that you may unknowingly lack wisdom?

I know you are reflecting on Joy’s God-fearing nature and the turmoil she had to go through. Well, that is what we see in her, but God knows her best. Remember I mentioned earlier that the title God-fearing is an umbrella to several virtues.

Acquiring these virtues or converting vices to virtues is a process.

Comb them out and practice all of them.

What was one of the greatest shockers in your relationship where you asked: “how comes I did not see this earlier?” Let’s have a fling of your experience.

Joy Meets the Love of Her Life

Take a Look at Joy's Intriguing True Story

The heartbreaking pain from the love of your life
The heartbreaking pain from the love of your life

Now Take This Home

Seek knowledge from the Bible to acquire wisdom
Seek knowledge from the Bible to acquire wisdom

Love is Blind

A man cannot hide his character for long.

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