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Five gifts for your love, the beauty queen

Updated on April 21, 2013

Makeup Brushes

It doesn’t matter how many eye shadow pallets your girl has, she probably doesn’t have enough makeup brushes. Make sure that you get a quality set with great reviews. This gift is sure to elicit squeals of happiness followed by new makeup experimentation. This is completely normal.

Joico Gift Set

Don’t you love your girl’s flowing locks? Help her keep them glowing with some hair goo from Joico. By buying it in a set, you are saving money and giving her even more product. Win win!

Victoria's Secret Lotion & Perfume

Everyone loves to smell good! Victoria's Secret offers some of the sexiest scents available, and these are sure to be a hit with your lady. Amber Romance and Love Spell are two of the more popular scents, but make sure to check them out in store and find one that you like. Trust me, she wants you to like it!

Spa Day

Does your love like massages, manicures and facials? Of course she does! Contact a local spa and inquire about their packages. Smaller spas often have monthly specials for less than $100 that include a couple different treats for your beauty queen. Treat her like royalty and buy yourself some brownie points.

Sephora Gift Certificate

Does your beauty queen have everything? Are you scared of walking into Sephora/ULTA/Victoria Secret? A gift certificate might be the best bet and contrary to popular opinion, most ladies don’t consider this to be thoughtless. While she may love the gesture of a handpicked gift, a gift card saves her from having to return anything that she might not like and allows her to treat herself to something she has been dying to try.


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