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Five ways travelling comforts you after a break-up!

Updated on January 15, 2016

Off Course, it is difficult to cope up with a break-up. You might feel shattered and exhausted after such an experience. You may feel incomplete and hollow from inside. True that love is the best thing that can happen to you, however it’s also the worst thing. Sometimes its heaven, and sometimes it’s worse than hell.

When you are in love, life feels like heaven, however getting out of that sweet world of love is indeed devastating and overwhelming. First, it may seem very hard for you to get back to your feet and move ahead in life, but as soon as your heart starts healing, pack your bags and travel to a newer place. Take my advice; travelling is surely going to help you come out of the chaos that your break-up caused for you.

Here are the five ways:-

  1. Getting away from the comfort of familiarity: Sometimes it’s good to come out of the shell. Stay away from people who knew about the break-up. Travel to a peaceful place and appreciate the beautiful sites. The beauty of the place will surely enable you to forget the past and start a brand new life.
  2. Letting go of the past: Don’t keep discussing or pondering over the same things that happened in the past and which affected you deeply. While planning travel, leave the past behind and carry only happiness with you. Packing and unpacking bags will take most of your time and hence you will able to become oblivion of the past.
  3. You are complete and enough! : When you are in a relationship, you tend to do things together like shopping together, travelling, driving, everything, is split by two. However, you need to realize your importance as an individual. Go for solo trips, travel alone and understand your individuality. Delve over your own personality; it’s only you who completes you. Nobody else can complete you.
  4. You will learn to manage things by your own: Travelling involves planning a lot of things. Taking consideration from your partner every time, will never allow you to learn and manage things by your own. Travelling alone will teach you that the beauty of life can be found in small things (even in the planning process of travelling)
  5. You will find new and interesting friends: After being in a relationship for a long period of time, it is obvious that you had a homogenous friend circle. In order to move on, you first need to extricate yourself from those common friends. Meeting new people, listening to their stories will interest you and help you get over sooner.
  6. Travelling will surely make a positive impact on your life and teach you to smile again. This will make your heart lighter and will help you move on and stay brave in life.

    I suggest you must experience adventure travel in India, as India is blessed with so many vivacious places which can make your experience pleasant and incredible.


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