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Flirting: Useful, Useless, Or Unwanted?

Updated on June 11, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth does have a passive attitude toward certain issues in life, but not with sexual harassment and bullying. I can't let these areas go.

Special Notice:

This article is by an idea shared by: dashingscorpio.

Flirting On The Metro Scale.

Did You Ever Wonder

what Adam said to Eve when they first met? I do. And I have to wonder if it wasn't Eve to started the Vehicle of Flirting--getting to know Adam, his likes, dislikes, and if he liked apples? I don't know about apples, but as for the rest of his interests, I am sure that she did have plenty of questions about him and the same can be said for Adam who had plenty of things to ask Eve when she first walked into the Garden of Eden.

Everyone knows in (this) time, 2019, flirting is nice. Very nice, depending upon the two parties. In a normal day and time, flirting can be a boost to the ego—no matter if it affects a male or female. Flirting is a non-discrimination event. Not a past time. And certainly not a silly addiction and challenge to males who dare one another to see just how many girls’ smiles and winks can be logged by these two male participants. The winner, I suppose gets to have dinner with the female who winked and smiled at him the most. Flirting is not a complex invention. Just a friendly release from a guy’s emotional center to a pretty female’s very attractive image.

The sad part of flirting is that NOT everyone is cut-out of the same Flirting Cloth. What I am desperately-trying to say is (without hurting feelings) there are those who flirt successfully without any effort and then there are those who flirt who have to have some sort of psychological booster that makes the one who is the Amateur Flirt a more-vibrant male or female. Stop smiling, because you know this is true.

Giving flowers to girls is always a nice way to flirt.
Giving flowers to girls is always a nice way to flirt. | Source

Taking Flirting To The Practice Field

is not a bad idea. And this in relation to the above analogy about the Pro-Flirts and the Amateur Flirts. There is a difference. First, and this is just for those who have already-seen that flirting is not an easy maneuver, but a skilled action.

The Pro-Flirter Will . . .

  • Never go wide-open to just get next to a gorgeous girl in order to wink or smile at her. Girls are very perceptive and they can sense a Flirt Wannabe from the biggest crowd.
  • Always live by the Three S’s—Slow, Silent, and Studying the smallest actions and mannerisms by the girl/boy that they are about to launch a very smooth flirt and then walk away. It’s in the same league as fly fishing. You drop the bait on the top of the water and never let it sit still, but it lures the fish back to the hook.
  • Never start a gab session especially when he/she meets the gorgeous girl that has stolen his/her eye. The Pro-Flirt will initiate the conversation with the girl and then let her do the talking. By doing this, the girl finds him/her very mysterious.
  • Never start asking for a date or phone number during the first few moments of the first flirt. Remember, “Slow and Steady Wins The Race,” so if he/she is patient, they will come away with a phone number and a date for the next night.

Nothing beats honest talking if you want to be a successful Flirter.
Nothing beats honest talking if you want to be a successful Flirter. | Source

The Amateur Flirter Will Always

  • Start out by winking too slow causing the object of his/her flirting burst out with laughter. Remember what I said about girls being very perceptive?
  • Open their mouth and start some needless conversation and this is after he/she winks at the “eye candy,” and suddenly, the one whom he/she wants to take her out, is now ready to walk away because she has perceived that the guy/girl is a windbag.
  • Start asking right off to all but beg the girl/guy for a date for THAT night. Amateur Flirter acts as if this is the LAST time that he/she will ever get a date. You might think that I am being harsh with this Flirt Training, but it is for the good of the Amateur Flirter.
  • I Beg Of You, Amateur-Flirter – do NOT, above all, wear animal disguises—bear, lions, even tigers, because the girl or guy whose attention you are trying to give a wink, will then call the authorities because YOU look and act like an idiot.
  • And the last item may be the most-effective: Mr./Miss Amateur Flirter, you can buy a ticket to the next Miss Alabama or Miss Universe Pageant and get a seat nearest the walk way when the contestants show-off their bathing suits or evening gowns and you can practice your flirting all you want without the security guards tossing you out. Beauty contestants know ahead of time that Amateur Flirters will be in the audience, so they do not mind you flirting with them—in fact the contestants secretly-encourage it.

Wearing The Proper Wardrobe

for the Pro-Flirter is really not that hard to wear. He/she will never wear the outlandish, loud, clothing that will blind the one whom the Pro-Flirter is going to either make a friend with him/her or be a date for him/her for dinner.

  • Examples Of The Right Wardrobe – can be best described by a smooth, well-tailored pair of pants/skirt (not too short) and a button-down Oxford shirt with maybe a nice suit coat for the nice cover.
  • Examples Of What The Pro-Flirter – will be able to talk about on the first moments of the first impression. The man/woman should wink quickly, smile, and then ask where they, the girl/guy who the Pro-Flirter is impressing by not asking about where they work; likes and dislikes in food; places where he/she lives and so on. Keep the conversation smart, but very smooth and quietly-spoken.
  • Examples of What The Pro-Flirter – may NOT talk about when attempting to meet the girl/guy they have just met. Surgery scars; alcohol consumption per day; number of times he/she has been fired for trouble on one of their jobs and why he/she has been married at least five times, that the Pro-Flirter has owned up to. If you, the Pro-Flirter, can stay clean of these subjects, then wink in a very friendly way and keep the topics about the girl/boy whom is being flirted with.
  • If You Are An Amateur-Flirter – I give you the same opportunity as what you may NOT talk about, that unless you do NOT want a date with this pretty girl/guy . . .things like, telling the pretty girl that she reminds you of their last relationship; Telling the prospective date that she could pass for Lynda Carter or Tom Selleck, but keep the genders correct. You should NEVER talk about shoe sizes; bra measurements; and if you can do animal and bird impressions.
  • The Pro-Flirter’s Names Should Be – not cute, but memorable. “Stan,” “Randy,” “Tom,” “J.D.,” and possibly “Mark.” Of course these are for the male Pro-Flirter.

  • The Amateur-Flirter’s Names Should Never Be – “C.C. Leroy James,” “M-16 Gunn,” “One Ton,” “Elephant Ears,” and this one: “Buffalo Clark.” Please, Amateur-Flirter, do NOT, I beg of you, use any of these hokie names.

Notice how the girl gently uses her hand gently touching the guy.
Notice how the girl gently uses her hand gently touching the guy. | Source

Summary And I Know That You Are Applauding

for the closing of this informative hub. I cannot promise that you will be a playboy overnight or a playgirl at the same sense, but just be YOU, when it comes to the first wink and smile. I suggest that you smile first, then wink, but ONLY if the girl/boy offers up the first wink.

Amateur-Flirter, you can be successful and happy in the Relationship Arena, but keep your winking sharp, just like a sword in the days of Robin Hood, but please, I also beg that you do NOT wear tights when you approach the girl/guy whom you are about to wink and smile.

June 11, 2019_______________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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