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For Men: Relationship Questions Answered

Updated on December 29, 2016
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Hubpages writer StricktlyDating is an Australian writer creating pages of original funny quotes, funny status updates and funny memes.

Questions asked by men about women, answered by a woman.

Author has answered many Hubpages questions regarding relationships, dating and understanding women, here's the answers to the most popular questions asked by men about women.

Questions by men about women:

  • Why do women cheat?

Usually they're not getting the kind of attention they need from their partner. I'm not implying it's his fault though, but the answer usually is he needs to give her more attention and appreciation, so that she wouldn't think of looking for it elsewhere.

  • Writing dirty comments is a turn off for women?

Yes it's usually a turn off, unless you are in a sexual relationship with the woman, you may come across as being a bit sleazy, even scary, it's better to write sweet words to a woman, and usually will get you further with them.

  • How to spice up life with your wife?

The secret is usually by paying her more attention. Little spontaneous acts, and sweet things you can plan for her. Make special occasions such as Birthdays and anniversaries feel special. Be more affectionate with her, eg: Hug her from behind while she's cooking, kiss her when she walks in the room.

  • What do you think is the most important thing for you in a relationship?

Compatibility. In a relationship I'll be honest and faithful. I want someone who is compatible with this.

  • We broke up a month ago, and now she is feeling guilty as she is already moving on with another guy.

Because your relationship has ended, and she has began a new relationship, it is not your issue to be involved with her guilty feelings. Sure, she may feel bad for moving on so quickly, but she is still doing it.

  • Does your spouse have the right to look through your pockets when you're sleeping?

Only if they're genuinely looking for something - Have they misplaced their keys or concert tickets... Otherwise it's just sneeky! And in that case it could be seen as 'controlling' type of behaviour...Like they're looking for some sort of evidence. They could have 'trust' issues.

  • Is it possible to forget your first love?

Absolutely. Your first love is not necessarily your best love! People change so much over the years. In fact, one day you may see your first love walking down the street and think - Ewww! What was I thinking?!

  • What is the best way to go about Online Dating?

Join up at some of the big name reputable dating websites, create a profile outlining your hobbies, your passions, and what type of person & relationship you are looking for. Post a clear photo showing your face. Before you contact someone read their profile, so that you're familiar with what their interests are - If you decide to contact them, don't just say hello, tell them something more about you, and maybe ask them a question too. The best way to go about it is to be respectful, genuine and sincere. If one Dating Site doesn't work for you, don't lose heart, try another, as they all offer something different. Personally, I prefer to use dating sites which allow you to use Webcam, as I find it more interesting.

  • How do you gain the courage to tell a girl you love her?

If you can't say it in words, say it with flowers. Red Roses symbolise love... And if you do love her, you must find a way to make it clear to her, otherwise she may start to view you only as a friend, and when someone else comes along who is prepared to tell her he has romantic feelings for her, she may decide to pursue it with him, and you risk being left heartbroken.

  • Cute pet names to call your significant other?

I always put two words together to make a pet name eg:

Him to Her: Little princess, Gorgeous lady, sweet kitty.

  • Which men make the best lovers?

Men who are confident, faithful, and who take the time to please the woman. Men who ask us what we want and then are willing to try it. Men who are passionate and a little daring and who kiss and caress, and don't make it too rough.

  • Why is it so hard for woman to answer simple yes or no questions, not let the person hang or wonder about?

If a girl is not saying yes or no about a relationship, it usually means she does not know. If she knew either way, she'd say it easily. It's when we are not sure that we can't say anything.

  • Men don't understand women. What does a woman really want?

What I really want as a woman, could be different to what another woman really wants. We are not all the same in our wants and needs, just like men. But every woman hopes they will meet a man who makes it clear she is his only one and that she is truly loved and adored just for being herself.

  • How should I let my woman know how much I care?

Tell her yourself! Definitely not in a text message! Actually speak to her and let her know your feelings. Buy her flowers. Pamper her at home, order in her favourite food or cook her favourite dish for her. And if you're really serious, buy her jewellery!

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    • profile image

      Camo Girl!! 6 years ago

      She WIll Either Call U Names Or Say Good Go!!!! It depends on what kind of relationship u have (good or bad)

    • profile image

      Matt  6 years ago

      What is the number one answer from your wife If you tell your wife You want to leave

    • profile image

      How to Approach Women 7 years ago

      Very detailed Q&A hub.

      Anyway, I've got something to add into the online dating section.

      Usually, they require people who sign up to upload a picture. This is very important as almost everyone will take that as their first impression. Getting yourself skilled in photography might be a wise choice. xD

      Well, maybe just skilled in taking your own picture. =D

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 8 years ago from Australia

      Thanks caroline muscle! Best wishes!

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Thanks... this was an enjoyable read!

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 8 years ago from Australia

      Thanks acanderson24!

    • acanderson24 profile image

      acanderson24 8 years ago

      This was a good insight.