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For Your Blissful Wedlock

Updated on June 9, 2015

Marriage is the most exquisite thing that can happen to you. It defines the bond that two strangers share, and how the two of them transform from being strangers to lovers and the ultimate inseparables. Both the partners start a new life, make several promises and commitments. However no marriage is free of conflicts –the mantra is how wisely you tackle it. Below mentioned are a few tips which will help you to handle your married life in a smooth way:

Have more faith and less distrust

The initial step of laying down the foundation of your marriage is to endure faith in the relationship. This can be done by keeping secrets of your partner and by trying not to hurt him/her in any way. Love followed by faith and trust helps a relation to last long. The trust must come from within and should not be based on proof and evidence. One should never put erroneous blame on their beloved without looking at the matter. Greater you trust, more trustworthy you become.

Never stop communicating

Talk things out with your partner. Tell them how much you love them. For a healthy relation, it is indispensable to have an honest communication about anything and everything related to you .Discuss about your career, your friends, colleagues at work and share the problems you face in a polite and courteous manner. Express your feelings through romantic ways and make sure that the initial flame in your relationship stays ignited forever.

Set your beloved your priority

Appreciate and praise your partner for the little things he/she does for you. Let him/her know their value in your life. This definitely does not mean that you have to leave everything else but yes you need to systematize everything and everyone according to their importance in your life. Value your spouse and pamper him/her unconditionally and without any expectations.

Respect the differences and cherish the similarities between you both

Rather than criticizing your partner and asking him/her to change, one should feel exalted about the qualities they posses. Be pleased about the similarities you share with them at the same time try to adapt the differences and find positive things out of it. Change the ordinary relation into an extraordinary one by putting a little “extra” effort and by giving a little “extra” time to yourselves, in order to understand each other and feel comfortable together.

Accept your mistakes and have the courage to apologize

Don’t let your ego ruin your relationship; admit it if you have done something wrong and your partner is hurt. May be your mistake is unintentional and you did not mean to hurt him/her. Simply humble yourself to say sorry because it takes a strong person to do that. This can make your relation even stronger.

Learn to forgive

True it takes a strong person to say sorry but stronger is the one who forgives. Letting go things make it easier for you to deal with the situation .Moreover it liberates you from the pain and heaviness inside your heart. Don’t let anger fill your heart so much that you become least loving in your present. Forgiving will liberate the anger within you and would surely make you feel better and much happy.

A relation can never be perfect in fact the imperfections are the beauty of a relation. Both the partners need to put in equal efforts to stay together. Ego shall never take precedence over love between the lovers. The initial charm of the marriage should never fade but increase with every second, every day and every year that passes by.


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    • Radhika Mehta profile image

      Radhika Mehta 2 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • profile image

      Himanshu 2 years ago

      Its being almost 5 years since i got married, I can relate myself to it... Awesome work!

    • profile image

      scorpion 2 years ago

      very nyc :)

    • Kratika profile image

      Kratika Dubey 2 years ago from Noida

      Great work done mate!! :)