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Forgetting marriage anniversary - did your better half committed this unpardonable crime?

Updated on December 17, 2013

No! You don't have to resort to such violence. There are other sweet revenges in the bucket.

Couples all over the world have one thing in common, forgetting husbands. Did your husband forget your last marriage anniversary? Did he forget the date or entirely THE date and asked you about it a week before the anniversary? And even though you reminded him, he still forgot the day? Well, you are not alone. Even the sweetest, the most caring and most organized husbands forget. Is this human err? No, certainly not? Its a forgetting husband syndrome. And there is only one way to cure it. Plan a sweet revenge which he would never forget even if he tries to. However, there are certain rules to follow if you want to make this sweet revenge effective.

Rules of engagement

If you want your voice to travel and land at the intended terminal (that is register correctly with the brain cells that play the part of memorizing) that you need to be tough and follow the rules:

Rule # 1

Be affirmative and assertive. Do not show any sign of distress or any negative feeling. Of course showing a bit hurt will not hurt the cause of making the syndrome go away. But remember, this exercise is only for one thing, i.e. make your better half remember the wedding anniversary. If your better half is a habitual, no plan would work, only doctor's prescribed medicine and prayer.

Rule # 2

Do not budge from whatever statement you are about to make. I have seen women giving into wooing and pleading and cooing. But here is the deal. Tough today, easy pain no gain.

Rule # 3

Gather all the alliance you can. Every person in you house counts, even your dog. Get everyone on your side or make everyone on your side. Everything is fair in love or war and this, my ladies is both love and war. So do whatever it takes to get them to you side, bribe them, request them (very unlikely if you do that but could be a last resort), slightly threaten them. Once you have your majority, its difficult to override. You have about 60% chance that you will get the desired result.

Rule # 4

Never underestimate the power of your better half, or the convincing power I should say. During my few years of experience as a marriage counselor, I have seen that men tend to have better convincing and bribing power than women. Maybe, because they have more resources that can be used as bribe or more threats in their sleeves. Just focus on the result. By now you might have learned the manipulation techniques your better half could come up with. Be ready with your own.

Rule # 5

Keep it simple. Do not exaggerate. You will loose the cause as well as the attention if you over do it.

Rule # 6

Do not let the environment of your house affected by the feeling of hurt. Carry on your regular duties as routine but never loose focus and the end point.

A word of not budge!

The plan of action

No that you are familiar with the rules of engagement, now let us work on a plan to get your husband remember on one sacred date of your married life, your wedding anniversary!

Here, I have outlined a few plans and you can customize it to best suit your situation.

Plan A:

Do you know which vegetable your husband has a hard time eating? It is cauliflower? Turnip? or a potato? Mine does not like potato. So what I did? just told him my plan of cooking potatoes 7 days straight. And I meant it. Today was day 1.

Plan B:

Is your husband comfortable with his in-laws? Yes? Don't bother with this plan and scroll down.

No? Here is a chance for you to make him remember your anniversary. Invite your mother/father/sister/nephew/niece....whoever you can muster with your plan. Invite them to stay over the weekend if they could or the least for dinner. Cook their favorite and cook more so that you can offer the leftover to them to take home. Take the luxury of inviting everyone that you know of and your husband gets irritated by their presence/noise/just their coming over. But there could be budget constraints so what are potlucks for? Take advantage of it.

Plan C:

Cut him from his social circle. How? Very easy. Invite all his friends over for dinner. Cook the best possible worst food ever and make them eat. I know its rude. But this your husband will remember all his life. But never forget that you are a very sweet and polite person and if something is wrong with the food, its not your fault. Excuse this scheme and blame it all on weather.

Plan D:

Are you forgetting the present he is supposed to give it to you? You are a very simple person and a rose would do? Well not this time. When he tries to compensate, chose the expensive most possible gift that he has to pay the bill for. Men don't easily forget the bills even if they are Bill Gates.

Plan E:

Sex is the last resort but the most effective of the weapon. Dress dramatically elegant and hot for a week and deny your better half all the pleasure. This one always work!

Husbands are like cats, with all the innocence of a dove and shrewdness of a fox

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Happily ever after

If you have ever tried any of the plans above before and it did not work before, it will work now when you are focused and determined.

However, I must say that you can have the luxury of all these rules and plans when everything between you two are normal and love has not been lost. If the latter is the case, then you need to revive the love before trying any of the above. Lest is safe to say that all the words of wisdom mentioned above are for happy couples and families with minimum routine frictions and fights that end up in cajoling and loving more than before.


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