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Forgiveness and Inner Peace

Updated on November 22, 2019
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Forgiveness brings us closer to those who have hurt us and helps them to experience the forgiveness and peace that comes from within.

♦♦♦Forgiveness frees us to lead a healthy, joyful, peaceful, and vibrant life♦♦♦

If you do decide to forgive, as time goes on, you may notice that you are not hurting as much. You realise that it doesn’t matter anymore but if we don’t make that decision to forgive we become a different person, bitter and angry. That will tear you apart.
Inner peace is a goal most people strive to reach. While some people seem to find it effortlessly, others struggle day in and day out to create any peace in their life, let alone the kind that comes from deep inside.

You hear people say this all the time: “I have a right to be upset because of the way I’ve been treated. I have a right to be angry, hurt, depressed, sad, and resentful.” Learning to avoid this kind of thinking is learn to forgive and find inner peace doing so you will be achieving lot of things such as success and happiness. Remember when we decide to forgive we don't do it for other no! we do it for ourselves so we will able to move on with peace, knowing that you have let go of all things that might threaten you future peace, success and happiness. By forgiving know that you are a winner because you have defeated the thing that might have distracted you from finding success and happiness.

what is forgiveness

Forgiveness is the release of resentment or anger. Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. One doesn't have to return to the same relationship or accept the same harmful behaviours from an offender.

Forgiveness is vitally important for the mental health of those who have been victimised. It propels people forward rather than keeping them emotionally engaged in an injustice or trauma. Forgiveness has been shown to elevate mood, enhance optimism, and guard against anger, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Carrying the hurt or anger of an offence leads the body to release stress. Eliminating the perpetual flow of those hormones may also explain why forgiveness provides physical health benefits, such as lowering the risk of high blood pressure and heart problems.

Understand what forgiveness is, and what it is not.

Most people do not realise that forgiveness is actually a selfish act; that we forgive for our own benefit, and not for the person who hurt us.

It takes hard work and a lot of energy to sustain anger. Not only is anger mentally exhausting, but it suspends our bodies in a state of physical stimulation that is meant to be acute – and gotten over quickly – rather than chronic and long-lasting. It is actually our anger – and not the hurtful event – that stands to cause us the most harm. Forgiveness does not mean that we condone a hurtful action or forget that it ever happened. Nor should we permit a recurrence, if there is a way to prevent it.

A way to find inner peace

Always be a very proactive person when it comes to goals. Once you decide upon something that you go at it full throttle and accomplish whatever you set your mind to, so although this will be an internal job know that it would be no different. You will not be fully sure at the time all it would take to reach such inner peace, but you have to be up for the challenge. Know that with all the tenacity you would put into obtaining you external goals, you could apply that same intensity to you internal ones. And the journey began.

If you are able to forgive:

  • You gain inner peace.
  • You free your mind of nonstop negative thinking.
  • You don’t let thoughts and feelings rule your actions and reactions.
  • You don’t let people and external circumstances control your life.
  • You open new doors to better things in your life.

It is important to learn how to forgive people.

If you do not forgive you hurt yourself.

It is you who constantly think about the person or incident that made you feel hurt. It is you who is constantly tormented by it. It is you who are carrying this burden on your shoulders.

You remove this rock, this burden from your shoulders, once you truly forgive and let go.


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      3 months ago

      Inner peace is what is what im looking for but its really not easy to just forgive and forget but now that i have read you article i will learn everyday to find peace not for anyone but for myself so i can able to move on.


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