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Forgiveness is Healthy

Updated on September 30, 2017
Forgiveness is Power
Forgiveness is Power | Source


 To forgive- is the ability to grant immunity or absolve another person from something they have done to you.
 It’s to allow or to make allowances so that you can move on with your life. It’s to let bygones be bygones, even bury the hatchet.
 It’s to be generous and patient to not hold anything against yourself or that person, to wipe away and remove the record to shrivel or acquit the wrongful act.
 It is a healthful act that a person can do for ourselves so that we can move on with our life.
 It’s so that we can take off that 1000 pounds of weight off our back and move forward.
 To let go of all the resentment and frustration that can cause problems in our life.

: If God loves us and forgives us, even with all our human imperfections, why do we find it so hard to forgive ourselves

Forgive Ourselves

1. When we can forgive ourselves, is when we can start moving forward to forgive others.
2. To forgive others you need to forgive yourself first.
3. You can’t love yourself, if you don’t forgive yourself for not being that perfect person you think you should be.
4. If you cannot find anything likable about ourselves- why would anyone else?
5. You need to forgive yourself for not being perfect – no one is perfect!
6. Forgive yourself for not being beautiful – beauty is only skin deep.
7. Forgive yourself for not being that funny person you think you are – because you don’t come across as funny!
8. Forgive yourself for not being that perfect wife or mother you want to be.
9. Forgive yourself for not producing the perfect child – no one is perfect.
10. Forgive yourself for not being the smartest person.
11. Remember you are unique – there is no one else like you on this earth – you are the only one like you!
12. God loves you and forgives you – all you have to do is ask!
13. If God loves you and forgives you – shouldn’t you forgive you, accept and love yourself?

Positive vs Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts brings destruction.

Positive thoughts create good things and from positive thoughts comes forgiveness.

Forgiveness does not happen in one night.

Forgiveness does not happen in one night.
You do not go to sleep and think you will forgive yourself and wake up the next morning and you will not have self-castigation ever again.
You have to work on this quality, just as you have to work on cleaning your house – on a daily basis.
Every day, when you wake up you say to yourself:
I am going to do my very best today.
I am forgiving myself for not being perfect.
I am going to do one positive act today and that is (for example)………………..

 Call up a friend you haven’t spoke to in a while.
 Give someone a hug.
 Give someone a smile and a positive greeting.
 Offer to help someone.
 Write a friendly not to someone.
 Bake a cake or cookies for a neighbor.
 Pray for someone today.
 Tell someone they look good today.
 Give someone a compliment.
 Tell someone you love him or her.
 Thank someone for being themselves and how you appreciate them.
 Make someone feel good by letting him or her know you are
happy to see him or her.
 Visit someone in the hospital.
 Make someone a birthday cake.
How many more things can you come up with to
make your good things list longer?


1. Get into the habit of complimenting someone else. It not only makes them feel good, but you reap far more than you give.
2. When you compliment someone, you life their spirits. Maybe they needed it, and when you lift someone else’s spirits, this puts you in a better situation where you can forgive them for not being perfect, therefore you can forgive yourself for not being perfect.
3. Giving compliments takes little effort and the rewards come back to you many times over.
4. Remember to be kind to yourself. Give yourself a mental pat on the back for being you.
5. Be nice to yourself and forgive yourself for not being perfect – No One Is!
6. God loves you even with all your imperfections, for he created you.
How do I know this?
Aren’t we proud of our creations – well God is proud of his creations!

If God can forgive you, forgive yourself. He gave his only begotten son for all of us.

God made us in his image. He made no mistake when he made you.


 Giving compliments, saying nice things to other people, helps you create a habit.
 Make a list on paper of things that you like about yourself.
 Make a list of things you do not like about yourself, can you change these?
If you can make a change – start today and change one thing.
Then forgive yourself for not being perfect.

Habits start small - one day at a time and before you know it you have started feeling better about yourself - now you are on the road to forgiveness.

How to you make a change in your personality

 Decide that you are going to make a small change.
For example: Say you are usually very critical of your husband or wife.
Instead of being critical –
1. Start telling your husband he is a good man.
2. You love him/her and are happy that you married him/her. (Remember you chose him/her)
3. You love him/her and support him in their job selection.
4. You forgive him/her for not being perfect.
5. You love their unique qualities, such as their humor/smile/expressions.
6. Tell them of all the same things you both like to do – together.

We all can be an ambassador to a better world.

We are all people of God –forgive and be tolerant-

go make a difference.

When you start making a change verbally, you will notice a change within you.

 You will start to feeling better about yourself.
 You will start to feel calmer and happier inside.
 You will start noticing things look better than before.
 You will start liking yourself better.
 You will start smiling more often.
(Now forgive yourself for not being perfect.)

Changing the World

By making small changes that you control, you can change the world!
One person DOES make a difference!
What one-person does- affects other people.
By making a positive change - changes your circumstances.
Taking one small step - one day at a time makes a big difference in your life.
Making a big difference in your life will affect other lives in a positive way.

Life Is Short

 Life is short and we never get enough good things or good experiences. We need these to exist.
 We need self-respect and self-confidence and saying and doing good things does this.
 Give yourself a big break and start each day with a positive thought and forgiveness.
 You will wonder why you didn’t start this before now.
 Be uplifted, put sunshine in your life –
 Smile more often; forgive others as you forgive yourself.
 Start with small steps and soon you will reap the rewards.

A prayer: O Lord God, forgive me, I beseech thee. Amos 7:2

Moving On

1. You can not move on in your life if you do not forgive yourself for being imperfect, nor can you move on until you forgive all your loves ones, friends and acquaintances for not being perfect.
2. This is so important to your well being.
3. God forgave us our sins; he gave his only son.
4. Surely, you in your heart can forgive those that have harmed you, hurt you or have done some wrong to you.
5. If God has forgiven us, you also can forgive.
6. You are an ambassador to the world - show you can forgive.

Small Steps

Every evening and morning say to yourself:
“I forgive myself for not being perfect, just as I forgive my mate/ kids/friends/relatives/acquaintances.
I will do one good deed today from my list and report to you how it turned out.
I will make a difference”.

Believe in yourself

 Say that you will forgive yourself and all of your people.
 People make mistakes, forgive and move on.
 You will make a difference.
 Take one small step at a time – every day and watch the results.


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