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Forgiveness is a Blessing and Forgetting Someone is an Art

Updated on May 26, 2012

(Note: The article was written for a 'Relationship section' of a website. I have not written anything for Hub pages like this before (by staying within limited word-count). I thought that it would be better to publish it as there is no point keeping it in the backyard).

How Possible Is It to Really Forgive and Forget?

You would have heard people saying that how difficult it is to forgive and forget in life. It indeed is a difficult thing to do. You should come down straight to the point and ask yourself few questions. It is for sure that nobody goes through life without their share of pain and suffering. You need to draw a line at some point in life. You cannot keep on living in a dismal state where you cannot move forward or stay happily where you are right now. There is an excess baggage of bitter past memories and a heavy feeling of not being able to drop it.

How possible is it to really forgive and forget?

The question would keep on ringing in your mind every half-an-hour. You would not have a way out of the situation unless you start paying attention to it.

1. Forgiveness is a Blessing and Forgetting Someone is an Art:

You should forgive someone for the sake of your own happiness. You do not need any bigger reasons than this to do an act of charity. The wise men have always said that days lived in the memory of a wasted or lost chance would not be able to mend things. You would have yourself to blame for causing more damage than the actual problem. The act of forgiving someone is not an easy task.

You need to keep on trying time and again to finally forgive someone. It seems that the memories keep on rushing back, the moment you think of forgetting someone. This means that you need to act strong and selfish. You would not like to carry around the dead weight of a relationship. It is only going to add to your problems. You would experience a feeling of liberation every time you do something to forgive the other person.

2. Forgetting something or someone is not Like Running Away:

People sometimes hold a negative viewpoint of forgetting something or someone. They think that they would not be able to love someone again if they let the past go. They are so strongly attached with the past, both emotionally and physically, they cannot see anything wrong with that.

You need to decide it for yourself. There is no one else who can do it for you. You cannot deny the fact that everyone turns out to be a perfect person irrespective of what has happened to them in the past. You should start forgetting things by looking at the miles covered without him or her being on your side. You were not sure that if you would be able to do it or not. You can take a lot of inspiration as it has been done now.

You have made it possible and you’ll keep on making it possible.

You would be able to forgive and forget people when you do not hold any kind of hatred towards them. You need to start feeling good about the whole experience. It is for sure that you can forget someone when you have better reasons to live for.


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