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Fourteen Years on

Updated on October 3, 2014

When i was 10yrs old, my late Dad questioned me about a letter i wrote for someone, i was only 10yrs but felt that i knew what it was to love someone of the opposite sex. He told me that kids only fall in love with one thing; THEIR BOOKS! He made me swore that i will concentrate with my studies and will only fall in love with a woman when i finish school and get a job, the year was 1986.14yrs later, now on my own searching for greener pasture far away from home, i stumbled upon her. She was the brightest thing i have ever seen and the moment i looked into her eyes, i realized that what my Late Dad told me about falling in love was true. “One could only fall in love with his wife”. He said. And right at that moment, i knew that my wife was standing right in front of me.

Meeting this wonderful and extra ordinary Lady was like coming home to a place i have known, she became my freedom and my carriage, she brought only joy into my life and all the moments shared with her were all filled with laughter.

It didn’t take us time to blend with each other despite our different cultural heritage, she is white and i am black. On the 7th of December 2000, six months after meeting each other, we tied the knots and became a wonderful pair. My Wife Mihaela Mobis became my mother, my best friend, my sister, my companion, my hands, my legs and above all things my everything, she taught me that on this planet earth, we are just one people, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white. She gave me the whole of her heart and trusted me with her life. How wonderful it is to marry a good woman?

“The wife of your youth is a blessing from God”.

It’s been awesome sharing my life with this Angel missing in heaven and i give God all the glory for giving me the opportunity to know this beautiful heart and pray that God will continue to guide us and give us wisdom as we journey. Today, the 2nd. of October 2014, 14 years ON, we decided to do something unique so we retook our marriage vows once more to be united forever, to be there for each other in sickness and in health, for better and for worse and until death do us part.



As you read this today and wish us well, we also wish you well in your own journey and pray that you will be around in 2025 to witness our silver jubilee...


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